Khali Vapors 30ml 3mg + 0mg
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Khali Vapors 6mg 30ML

Khali Vapors 30ml 3mg + 0mg


The Fairmont

A perfectly crafted duo of pineapple with elements of guava. You won't want to put down this sweet and crisp flavor.

Sunset BLVD

A unique combination of sweet pomegranate balanced with undertones of pineapple and a shot of lemon lime. 

Valley Girl

A vanilla custard boston cream pie infused with a touch of fresh raspberries and caramel drizzle.

Devil's Punchbowl

A tantalizing blend of Guava with a soft hint of Peach. The aroma and tastes are sure to leave you wanting more.

Hearst Castle

A selection of freshly cut melons finished with spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt. A refereshing flavor that will continue to tease your pallett.

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Khali Vapors 30ml 3mg + 0mg

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