Penguin eJuice 6/0mg 30ML
  • Penguin eJuice 6/0mg 30ML
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Penguin eJuice 30ml

Penguin eJuice 6/0mg 30ML

 USP Kosher certified vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol

 VG/PG Percentage: 70% VG/30% PG

 Does NOT contain diacetyl

Adelie –

Product Description:

Oh this is an absolutely, lovely, thick, creamy vape that will sweep you off your feet on the first inhalation! A super sophisticated flavour, which makes you think of vanilla churros that’s been baked with a deep fried in a caramel syrup and topped with a delectable and subtly sweet dollop of raspberry syrup.

With the loads of cloudy vapour that this Adelie e-juice produces, you will be reaching for your favourite book, and a cup of perfectly brewed coffee, to accompany your taste buds on a journey into a Mexican bakery delight. Even though the texture of this e-juice is heavy, it has such a delicate taste of light sweetness, making it a perfectly wonderful dessert e-juice.

Key Flavor Notes:

Raspberry, Cinnamon, Churro, Cake, Dessert

Chinstrap –

Product Description:

Looking for the perfect breakfast vape, something fit for a king that will gratify your palate early in the morning? How about Chinstrap E Juice, a thick and luscious scoops of fresh and delish Greek Yogurt, with a generous amount blueberries sprinkled over the top and subtle drizzles of blueberry syrup to add that small note of sweetness!

This is Penguin’s newest addition to the Penguin family, which they are rightfully super proud of, what with its phenomenally powerful and rich flavour and scents of classic blueberries and Greek yogurt, there is no doubt you will eagerly be ordering bottle number two by the time you open the first bottle and catch a whiff of its powerful aroma!

Key Flavor Notes:

Blueberry, Yogurt

Mumble –

Product Description:

Now, we’re not sure why, and how the strawberry and cream craze started in the vaping industry, but it’s just one of those flavours that is preferred by many vaper’s, and if you’ve been searching for the perfect one, your search has ended! Mumble is sky rocket strawberry heaven! When you find an e-juice as marvellously yummy and good as Mumble you really don’t need to keep looking, the delectable aromas of cloudy, strawberry and cream puffs is a super smooth and silky e-juice that has the perfect amount of sweetness blended into it, making sure that your taste buds are not overpowered by too much sugar! We think the only problem you’re going to have with this lush e-juice is the fact that you’re going to need to control the urge to finish the whole bottle in one order, as it is so very addictive.

Key Flavor Notes:

Strawberry, Cream, Puff, Dessert

RockHopper –

Product Description:

Rockhopper is one of those “Wow” e-juices which make you stop dead in your tracks, you’ll be mesmerised at the amazing and decadent essences of juicy summerly flavours, which will sweep their way over your palate! This juice is truly amazing.

The watermelon flavours shine through in this wickedly great summer tasting e-juice, and it’s on the exhalation that you will stop, and savour the reminiscent hints of jolly rancher characteristics which dance on your taste buds, exciting them as you drift off into a dozy and dreamy place of relaxation. This e-liquid is perfect for sub ohm builds and has become many vaper’s all-day vape, and rightfully so!

Key Flavor Notes:

Watermelon, Sweet, Melon, Jolly Rancher, Candy

Yellow Eyed –

Product Description:

Yellow Eyed is by far one of Penguin’s best juices, with its delightfully delicious aromas which will undeniably make you feel like you’re biting into a Lemon Bar Crumble, has been mastered to absolute perfection. 
The creators at Penguin have mixed together an unbelievably high quality e-juice with this flavour and the noticeable lemon aromas fuse in gorgeously with the hints of cakey biscuit, and is without a doubt going to blow your mind with its full, creamy, smooth flavours which give off hints of vanilla and lemon. This is one e-liquid which is perfect for those days when you’re craving a bit of an indulgent treat to curb your sweet tooth craving.

Key Flavor Notes:

Lemon, Cake, Crumble, Cookie

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Penguin eJuice 6/0mg 30ML

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