Hangsen Series 8 10ml 0, 6, 16mg
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Series 8

Hangsen Series 8 10ml 0, 6, 16mg

Hangsen Series 8 was exclusively developed for the sophisticated and experienced vapors who enjoy a strong aroma and rich taste experience. Each flavor is mixed to perfection by our award-wining flavorist, using nicotine of 99.7% purity extracted from natural tobacco leaves to cater to the diversified requirements of our clientele. 

King TB

a masculine taste of tobacco. The classical tobacco blend is exclusively created for the real connoisseur. King TB caters to the sophisticated needs of the experienced vapor.

Queen TB

a feminine taste of tobacco. Equivalent to its male counterpart, Queen TB excels with a solid taste of classical tobacco yet refined with a light and seductive note

Cuba Treasure

The rich yet smooth aroma of Cuba Treasure provides you the real feeling of roaming around the Malecón in Havana on a sunny afternoon.

Red Lemon

Combined flavors of freshly squeezed lemon fruits keep you at the edge in every situation. Red Lemon, blended with a slight sweet taste, is a blissful enjoyment.

Snow Cream

Like grandmother’s home-made creamy dessert, Snow Cream provides a full-bodied taste sensation for the vapor with a sweet tooth.


Authentic tobacco taste blended with a tender nuance of menthol. Close your eyes, kick back and enjoy the cool but classic Menbacco.

Cool Passion

Feel the crispy cool fun in every puff from head to toe with Cool Passion. Just relax and enjoy the ultimate and extensive iced mint refreshment.

Ginger Secret

An intensive taste of ginger blended with a petite note of lemon and mint makes Ginger Secret an extravagant and exciting flavor experience.


With a rich fruity aroma, Strawnilla sets the perfect environment for a well-rounded and joyful taste experience of strawberry and vanilla.

Sweet Menthol

Like the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, Sweet Menthol blends fruity and minty tastes to a harmonized yet sensational vapor experienced.


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Hangsen Series 8 10ml 0, 6, 16mg

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