VaporSource VS3 Dry Herb Kit
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VaporSource VS3 Dry Herb Kit

VaporSource VS3 Dry Herb Kit

VaporSource VS3 Dry Herb Kit Product Selling Points:

  • Ø 1. Organic Streamlined Design,Freely for Vape
  • Ø 2. Superfast heating speed,only 30 seconds
  • Ø 3. Removable glass air pipe for easy cleaning
  • Ø 4. Ceramic heating chamber with heating state visible
  • Ø 5. Mouthpiece protective cover provides two different vaping experiences

VaporSource VS3 Dry Herb Kit Configurations:

VS3 Body with 1300mAh Battery  1 pc
Micro USB Cable  1 pc
Metal Cleaning Tool Card  1 pc
User Manual
Brush for heating chamber
Glass Pipe with brush
Gift box  1 pc

VaporSource VS3 Dry Herb Kit Instruction:

How To Use ?
1.Turn on: switch on the power button to start the system,when it is in standby mode,LED shows in white,it will turn off automatically after five minutes without any operation.

2.Press the heating button to heat up,LED will flash during the heating process and it will keep on when the temperature reaches set value.

3.Temperature adjustment: In standby mode,press the power button for a while to set temperature.Different colors correspond to different temperature,Red for 380°F, Green for 400°F, Blue for 440°F

4.Low power warning: If the power is too low when it is heating,system will stop and enter standby mode ater LED flashing five times; 

5.Charging: Connect the device and adaptor to charge,during the charging process LED lights in Red and will turn to green when charging is complete.

1.Do not overfill or pack your materials too tightly,which may restrict airflow and could reduce vapor;

2.For thicker vapor,try raising the temperature; 

3.For smoother vapor,try reducing the temperature.

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VaporSource VS3 Dry Herb Kit

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