Twisted Tripple Box Mod
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Twisted Tripple Box Mod

Twisted Tripple Box Mod

VapingWithTwisted420 Twisted Tripple Triple Parallel Mechanical Box Mod by Wotofo

The Twisted Tripple is an affordable, compact, and high performance triple 18650 box mod that excels in providing effective output without hassle. The Twisted Tripple is named according to it's maximum battery capability of three 18650s (sold separately), easily providing an all day vape capable platform, with the flexibility to also be run in single or dual battery modes. The Twisted Tripple features an integrated MOSFET that stabilizes performance and adds an additional layer of protection with a resistance cut-off of 0.15 ohms and lower, maximizing the integrity and durability of the device. The device can also be 'powered' on and off with five rapid clicks, allowing users to safely carry and transport the Twisted Tripple when not in use. An internal Tri Color LED Indicator gives instant feedback of the battery life and output voltage range, providing users a more precise indication of the state of the batteries. The battery access door features a dual magnetized design, alongside a battery ejection ribbon and gold plated contacts to ensure great conductivity. The firing button is placed on a slanted angle to provide a more ergonomic feel during handling, and allows the device to be held and used in one hand with ease. A gold plated 510 ensures consistent conductivity, while the threadpoint and firing button is black chrome plated to provide a more cohesive overall look. Backed by one of the most trusted names in vaping reviews, the VapingWithTwisted420 Twisted Tripple Box Mod is a perfect solution for users looking for strong and consistent mechanical output alongside tremendous battery life.

Product Features:

  • Official Twisted420 Box Mod
  • Triple 18650 Battery Output
    • Run in Parallel
    • Outstanding Battery Life
    • Can Be Run in Single, Dual or Triple 18650 Modes
    • Batteries sold seprately
    • ALWAYS Insert Batteries Correctly
  • MOSFET Protected Mechanical Output
    • 0.15 ohm Atomizer Resistance Cut-Off
    • 3.7V to 4.2V Output Range
    • Five Clicks On and Off
  • Internal LED Indicator
    • Indicates Battery Life and Output Power Simultaneously
    • Red Light
      • 3.2V to 3.5V
    • Blue Light
      • 3.5V to 3.8V
    • White Light
      • 3.8V to 4.2V
  • Dual Magnetized Battery Access Door
    • Gold Plated Contacts
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510
  • Black Plated 510 and Firing Button

WARNING: The Twisted Tripple is to be used and handled ONLY by experienced vapers. NEVER, under ANY circumstance, use this device with a Sub-Ohm Tank or ANY atomizer in which the 510 contact pin does NOT protrude past the 510 threading. If unsure if this applies to your atomizer, DO NOT attach and use the device. Please ensure that ALL High Amperage 18650 Batteries (sold separately) are orientated correctly, following battery sled indicators. Improperly inserting batteries and incorrectly orientating batteries will result in physical damage. Ensure that each and every battery used has no damage to the wrapping/casing of the battery, as that will dramatically increase the risk of battery venting and physical damage.

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Twisted Tripple Box Mod

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