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Does CBD interact or interfere with medication?

CBD oil has become an organic aid that helps to improve and manage general health and wellbeing. With a variety of different CBD products, there is truly something out there

Best vape cotton 2022

After experimenting with different wicking materials such as silica, mesh, hemp, and rayon, most vapers have come to an agreement that cotton is the best wicking material on the market.

Can cannabis improve productivity?

With an increasing popularity and the legalisation of cannabis, there has been much more research conducted on the cannabinoid, which has led to many new discoveries. Where cannabis users were

How to clean your vape tank and coils – Vape Maintenance Tips

Have you ever been vaping and come across a taste you were not expecting? Either an unexpected mixture consisting of a flavour you haven’t used in weeks or worse the

How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

CBD oil has grown increasingly popular to use for health and recreational purposes. From ingesting CBD oil to applying CBD products to the skin, these products have been created with

A quick fix to vape mod errors – “atomizer short, no atomizer, check atomizer”

You can consider atomizers the heart and soul of a vaporizer. When your atomizer is malfunctioning, you can wave goodbye to a pleasant vaping experience. Seeing the warning messages on

What is the difference between CBD oil and CBD E-liquid?

Let’s talk about CBD Oil and CBD E-liquid. With the CBD industry still in its infancy, there is a major issue regarding the lack of knowledge and understanding surrounding CBD

Extremely Hot Vape – How to solve (Tips & Advice)

Let’s talk about a hot vape! The way vapes are designed makes them getting hot inevitable. With the battery, coils and vape juice, you are basically walking around with a

Convection and Conduction in Dry Herb Vaporizers – Explained

Dry herb vaporizers are placed in two categories, they are either convection or conduction style dry herb vaporizers. Since convection vaporizers hit the market, there has been a debate about

Leaking Vape? Here are helpful tips on how to fix it

Have you ever found yourself Googling “Why is my vape leaking so much?” or “How do I stop my vape from leaking?” Well, you are not alone! A leaking vape

What is the difference between dabbing and vaping cannabis?

Cannabis users are always looking for ways to switch the game up and make the experience that much better. This need to always level up paved the way for new

How to Become an Environmentally Friendly Vaper

Just when you thought switching over to vaping is a one-stop fix – you can also become an environmentally friendly vaper! 7 Ways to Become an environmentally friendly vaper Yes

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