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Brand: Asmodus Model: USB Cable
USB CablePropertiesUSB cable charger can be connected to PC,wall adaptor...
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Asmodus Nefarius TF-BF RDTA 4ml
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Brand: Asmodus Model: Asmodus Nefarius TF-BF RDTA 4ml
Product IntroductionThe latest Asmodus Nefarius TF-BF RDTA is right here for you. The Nefarius comes with a traditional Genesis-style deck for easy dual coil building. The Nefarius RDTA conserves all the benefits of a genesis-style atomizer such as tremendous flavor and vapor. The Nefarius..
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Asmodus C4 BF RDA
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Brand: Asmodus Model: Asmodus C4 BF RDA
Product IntroductionThe Asmodus C4 BF RDA is standing out with its low profile appearance. With 24mm in diameter, the Asmodus C4 is designed for single coil building. As a flavor-oriented RDA, the Asmodus C4 adopts a unique dual adjustable 9-hole cyclonic airflow system, creating a precise..
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Asmodus Dawg RTA
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Brand: Asmodus Model: Asmodus Dawg RTA
Product IntroductionThe latest Asmodus Dawg RTA is right here for you. Collabrated by Asmodus and x VapersMD, the Asmodus Dawg RTA is a perfectly designed rebuildable tank atomizer that will blow your mind with its versatility, clouds, and flavor production. And the build deck of the Asmod..
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