Bazooka E-Juice 100ml
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Bazooka E-Juice 100ml

Bazooka E-Juice 100ml

Rainbow Tropical Thunder

 If you like bold, sweet, candy style flavors, you have to experience this juice without a doubt! Packed with intense mixed fruit flavors, this take on the classic sour straw style candy will have your taste buds in overdrive and your senses feeling like they have been turned up to the maximum.

Mango Tango 

 tropical mango flavor that instantly transports you to a far off, tropical paradise, amplifies the flavor and gives it that sour candy flair they are so famous for. Vape in and feel the wonder! 

Pineapple Peach

brings together a tropical, citrusy pineapple with a soft, sweet peach for a vape juice blend that tastes natural, fresh and delicious. Sweet and pure, you can't go wrong with a blend like this.


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Bazooka E-Juice 100ml

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