Candy CO E-Juice 60ml
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Candy CO E-Juice 60ml

Candy CO E-Juice 60ml

Double M

an incredible delicious flavor of a rich and creamy milk chocolate coated with a delicate layer of colorful candy. Blended to perfection, Double M vape juice combines everyone’s favorite sweet treats of chocolate and candy!


Cremes Ejuice is a stunning blend of strawberry, honeydew melon and luscious cream. When it comes to candy flavors, Cremes is as luxurious as it gets


based on gummy patches of sweet and sour fruity flavor. Candy Co has gone to great efforts to create a vape juice that is loaded with authentic fruity goodness. Each inhale and exhale is like sinking your teeth into a chewy candy that’s bursting with juiciness.


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Candy CO E-Juice 60ml

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