Vape Crepe 60ml
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Ruthless Vape Crepe 60ml

Vape Crepe 60ml

All the girls out there – Vapecrepe strawberry banana is your go to e-juice flavors for most intriguing strawberries and banana savor. Get the sweetness of strawberries punched into creamy banana flavor that will surely stimulate your taste buds for a long time.

Vapecrepe Strawberry banana is your go to flavor for all times when you need to get out of your hectic routine and have some sweetie goodness of strawberries and flavor. The sweet, creamy and fruity punch of Vapecrepe strawberry banana e-cig vape juice will take you along to a mesmerizing journey of refreshing strawberries farm house.

Nothing beats the holy pleasure of chocolate hazelnut! If you are a chocolate hazelnut fanatic, Vapecrepe chocolate hazelnut is your savior. Experience the exotic and intoxicating chocolate hazelnut flavor with Vapecrepe chocolate hazelnut e-liquid vape juice. Now all your Nutella mornings will be transformed into exhilarating and revitalizing Vapecrepe chocolate hazelnut e-juice mornings. The rich chocolate flavor blends perfectly with stimulating hazelnut to gives you the ultimate energizing and exhilarating combo of chocolate hazelnut. 

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Vape Crepe 60ml

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