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Bazooka Green Apple Ice Sour Straws 60ml

Green Apple Ice Sour StrawsA cooling candy vape which combines green apples, a phenomenal sour ..


Bazooka Green Apple Sour Straws 60ml

GREEN APPLE SOUR STRAWSGreen Apple Sour Straws by Bazooka Vape exemplifies the perfect recreation of..


Bazooka Tropical Thunder Mango Tango 100ml

Mango Tango  tropical mango flavor that instantly transports you to a far off, tropical pa..


Bazooka Tropical Thunder Pineapple Peach 100ml

Pineapple Peachbrings together a tropical, citrusy pineapple with a soft, sweet peach for a vape jui..


Bazooka Watermelon Ice Sour Straws 60ml

Watermelon Ice Sour StrawsWatermelon that hangs out in a soured candy base and introduces menth..


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