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Loaded Apple Fritter 120ml

Apple Fritter E-juice by Loaded Incredibly warm and gentle. Caramelized apple bites topped with..


Loaded Cookie Butter 120ml
30% off

Loaded Cookie Butter 120ml

Loaded Cookie Butter 120ml This new Loaded e-liquid was inspired by delicious crispy Belgian cook..

R350.00 R499.00

Loaded Cran-Apple 120ml

Cran Apple Juice E Liquid by Loaded is sweet apples and cranberries blended together ..


Loaded Glazed Donuts 120ml

LOADED Glazed DonutsIndulge your taste buds in this freshly-baked treat smothered with warm and gooe..


Loaded Lemon Bar 120ml

LOADED LEMON BAR 120ML Light and refreshing lemon tang infused with sweet powdered sugar comple..


Loaded Melon MilkShake 120ml

Melon Milkshake E-juice by Loaded Fresh melons blended into a velvety milkshake with a drop of ..


Loaded Raspberry Eclair 120ml

Raspberry Eclair e-juice is an incredible mix of bright raspberry notes filled into a heavenly pastr..


Loaded Smores 120ml

Smores ejuice is the newest installed flavor of rich graham cracker topped with cinnamon sugar fille..


Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut 120ml

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut 120ml Ever bite into a sugary puffy donut stuffed with gooey strawb..


Loaded Chocolate Glazed 120ml

Are you looking to satisfy your ravenous chocolate cravings? Loaded’s new Chocolate Glazed Donut is ..


Overloaded Banana 120ml

The exhale greets you with the creamy and sweet flavor of custard that tastes absolutely homemade. T..


Overloaded Blueberry 120ml

Blueberry custard is a fantastic flavor that combines the best of both worlds. For the devoted fruit..


Overloaded Vanilla 120ml

If you’re looking for an insanely decadent dessert, you can’t go wrong with Overloaded’s Vanilla Cus..


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