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Bubble Gang Blue Dream 100ml

Bubble Gang - Blu Dream by OKAMI BRAND is the latest addition to flavored bubblegum line, combining ..


Bubble Gang Sour Menace 100ml

Bubble Gang - Sour Menace is part of the latest capsule flavor edition by OKAMI BRAND, presenting a ..


Cloud Breakers Blue Candy 60ml

A sweet, soury taste of Blueberry fruit, crushed into candy particles, and assorted into the finest ..


Cloud Breakers Purple Berry Ice 60ml

A full-on berry experience blended with a hint of menthol. Start off with a berry candy flavor on ic..


Cloud Breakers Purple Melon 60ml

Purple Melon has a great mixture of the sweetness of ripened berries, the sweet jawbreaker and the j..


Cloud Breakers Salts Purple Berry 30ml - 30MG

PURPLE BERRY Purple Berry A seamless assortment of exotic fruits including blueberry, raspberr..


Okami Lychee Lauren 3MG 100ML

Lychee Lauren by OKAMI Brand is a new blend of juice that combines the light refreshing tones of whi..


OKAMI SALTS - Haute Mocha 25mg 30ML

Haute Mocha by OKAMI SALT is a blend of rich dark espresso combined with sweetened hot chocolate to ..


OKAMI SALTS - Melon Milk 25mg 30ML

Melon Milk by OKAMI SALT is a mixture containing sweet honeydew paired with a rich smooth cream comb..


OKAMI SALTS - OG Bubba 25mg 30ML

OG Bubba by OKAMI SALT is sweet and tasty nicotine salt combination of summertime watermelon flavore..


OKAMI SALTS - Sour Menace 25mg 30ML

Sour Menace (formerly Apple Dior) by OKAMI SALT is a sour green apple collided with the sweet profil..


OKAMI Twerps 3MG 100ML

Twerps Supernova Squirt by OKAMI Brand is a modern twist on the classic raspberry ice tea, blending ..


Rounds SHR BRT 3mg 100ml

Prepare your mouth for this rainbow ride! Your taste buds are going to enjoy everything this robust ..


Secret Sauce Strawberry 60ml

Secret Strawberry Candy offers an amazing sweetness of juicy, enriched and flavorsome..



UNICHEW E-LIQUID (60ML) Sweet chewy candy with an explosive strawberry center that brings euphoric ..


VGOD Luscious Ejuice 60ml

Luscious, Part of the Reputable VGOD E-Liquid Line! Luscious is a Delicious Burst of Fresh Waterm..


Rockt Punch RZA Thunderbomb 120ml
20% off

Rockt Punch RZA Thunderbomb 120ml

BLU RZA Thunderbomb by Rockt Punch - 120mlA Refreshing Blue Raspberry Icy vapor that will leave you ..

R279.00 R349.00

Vgod Luscious Salt Nic 25mg

LusciousHas a base flavor of juicy, sweet watermelon with an undertone of mixed tropical melons. A g..


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