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Ruthless Coffee Tobacco

RUTHLESS COFFEE TOBACCO PREMIUM E-LIQUID Your new personal cup of vape heaven is here with Coffee T..


Ruthless Dulce De Tobacco

RUTHLESS DULCE DE TOBACCO PREMIUM E-LIQUID Experience rich tobacco with creamy swirls of caramel by..


Smooth RY4 60ml

A Rich Creamy Caramel Tobacco, that leaves you wanting more. - A Flavour Factory production..


BLVK Cuban Cigar 60ml

Inhale the rich and dark notes of a cuban cigar along with a slight hint of vanilla for one refined ..


BLVK Tobacco - Caramel 60ml

Experience a smooth tobacco flavor skillfully blended with the refined notes of caramel. Availabl..


BLVK Tobacco - Pistatchio 60ml

A flue-cured tobacco flavor balanced by the earthy notes of pistachio and a light menthol kick. A..


Vgod Cubano Ejuice 60ml

Cubano, One of VG-D Special Treats, A Smooth Cuban Cigar with a drizzle of Creamy Vanilla, p..


VGOD Cubano Black 60ml

Specialty crafted and aged to perfection. Handcrafted in limited quantities, this flavor is pre-stee..


Vgod Cubano Silver 60ml

Cubano Silver Envision waterfalls and rivers overflowing with honey and vanilla with brown sugar ..


Coco VG-D Ejuice 60ml
20% off

Coco VG-D Ejuice 60ml

Coco by VGOD  - is a delicious blend of Creamy Coconut combined with a Freshly Baked Cake ..

R199.00 R249.00

Vgod Cubano Black Salt Nic 25mg

Cubano BlackA spectacularly complementary blend of rich, deep tobacco and smooth, creamy vanilla cus..


Vgod Cubano Salt Nic 25mg

Cubano  A Smooth Cuban Cigar with a drizzle of Creamy Vanilla, providing a Fresh and Rich ..


Vgod Dry Tobacco Salt Nic 25mg

Dry TobaccoThis classic tobacco flavor tastes just like the real thing! If you're looking for a repl..


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