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Yes, All Eliquid Is Universal, however if you are vaping a subohm vape we do not recommend salt nicotine. 

The Short answer is its better not to smoke anything however, compared to smoking cigarettes vaping is 99% safer if you are vaping quality elquid with lab certifications which is the standard of all liquid at vapeshop. black market liquids are a serious danger to your health it can cause many diseases like, Popcorn Lung which is An Irreversible Disease That Causes Scarring Within Small Air Sacs In The Lungs,
Resulting In A Severe Cough And Shortness Of Breath That Gets Progressively Worse Over Time.
This Lung Disease Caused By Inhalation Of Diacetyl, A Chemical Used In The Artificial Butter Flavoring
Of Popcorn. We Make Sure None Of Your Eliquids Have Diacetyl.

All Vaping Products Operate Using The Same Principals. A Battery Powers A Coil Which Heats A Liquid
Solution Known As E-Liquid. This Produces A Vapor Which Is Then Inhaled.
However, These Fundamentals Can Be Applied In A Large Number Of Ways, And Many Products Have
Been Developed To Meet The Demands Vapers Have From Their Vape.

Vaping Is An Alternative To Smoking. It Provides A Vaper With The Sensations, Rituals And Nicotine
That Smoking Provides, But Without Smoke And The Vast Number Of Dangerous Chemicals Found In

For Vapes That Make Less Vapour You Will Need More Nicotine Because There Is Less Intake Of Nicotine
Per Puff, With A Vape That Makes More Vapour You Will Need Less Nicotine Because There Is A Higher
Nicotine Intake Per Puff.

There Is A Huge Range Of Vaping Devices Available, And They Come In All Shapes And Sizes. When
Choosing Your First Device You Will Be Making Your Choice Based On Aesthetics And
Price/Performance, And It’s Hard To Give Generic Advise On This.

PG (Propylene Glycol)
VG (Vegetable Glycerine, Or Glycerol)
(These Ingredients Create The Vapour).
Both Are Widely Used In A Variety Of Products For Human Consumption. PG Is Associated With A
Stronger “Throat Hit” But With Less Visible Vapour, Whereas VG Has A Sweetish Taste And Produces A
Much More Visible Vapour. Some Vapers Find PG Irritates Their Throat And Lungs And Choose To Use
VG Based E-Liquids Instead.

Although The E-Cig Products We Stock Are Manufactured To Very High Standards, They Are Functional
Devices That By Their Very Nature Will Be Used Fairly Intensively And So They Will Degrade Over Time
And Eventually Fail. This Is To Be Expected And These Parts Should Be Considered Semi-Disposable.
Coils Can Be Expected To Last 1-3 Weeks Depending On Your Usage Level, And You Should Replace The
Head Or Coil In Your Device As Soon As You Notice A Drop-Off In Vapour Production Or The Taste
Deteriorates, We Always Recommend Having A Spare Coil, So That You Are Always Prepared.
E-Cig Batteries And Their Performance Will Degrade Over A Period Of Time. How Long They Last Is
Dependent On Many Factors Including How They Are Cared-For And How Often They Are Used. We Offer
A 30 Day Factory Fault Warranty On Batteries.How Long Does A 30ML Bottle Of E-Juice Last?
This All Depends On How Often You Vape. A 30ML Bottle Can Last As Long As A Month, With Heavy Use
It Can Last 1-2 Weeks.

E-Cigs Don’t Burn. They Don’t Emit Any Actual Smoke. This Eliminates The Hazard And Odour. They
Can Be Used Almost Anywhere You Wish As There Are No Regulations On Them, But Remember Private
Businesses May Decide Not To Allow It.

Most E Cigs These Days Have Chips That Regulate The Power, If The Coil Is Drawing Out To Much Power
Then It Will Automatically Turn Off. We Recommended That Unless You Are An Experienced Vaper You
Should Stick To Regulated Mods To Ensure Safety.

Your Coil Could Be Flooded Or Burnt. If Flooded, Take Your Mouthpiece Off And Expel The Excess Liquid
Out By Giving It A Shake Then Wipe The Residual Liquid Off The Top Of The Atomizer. Alternatively If Your
Coil Is Burnt, Change Your Coil.

That Is The Sound Of The Eliquid Vaporizing And Is Completely Normal, If You Are Hearing A Gurgling
Sound, This Means Your Coil Is Flooded, Take Your Mouthpiece Off And Expel The Excess Liquid Out By
Giving It A Shake Then Wipe The Residual Liquid Off The Top Of The Atomizer.

Remember To Always Prime Your Coil Properly With Eliquid So That The Cotton Wrapped Around The
Coil/Heating Element Does Not Instantly Burn.

That Is Because It Takes A Lot Of Power To Heat Up The Coil, It Is Completely Natural For Your Vape To
Get Hot.

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