GBOM Vapes 60ml E-liquid
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GBOM Vapes 60ml E-liquid

GBOM Vapes 60ml E-liquid

GBOM Vapes 60ml E-liquid

Product Information

VNCT Voted Best Flavour of 2017, GBOM showcases your favourite fruity and desserty flavours.


  • 60ml Chubby Gorilla style bottle
  • 2mg nicotine

Flavour Profiles

Sir-Doh Nuts

A sophisticated combination of dark and milk chocolate with a rich donut aftertone. A true classic take of a chocolate glazed donut with hazelnut notes and a very smooth mouth feel.


A very majestic flavour. Fresh sliced mango and luscious lichi. A true moonlight experience that tastes like more.

Strawberry Pops

A blend of sweet and crunchy cereal flacks with loads of strawberry milky goodness.

Dragon Wagon

True exotic dragonfruit notes, hints of strawberry and vanilla with loads of flavour and sweetness that will transform yout tastebuds.


A banana like no other. A fun play on the beacon banana sweets, finished with hints of bubblegum coolness.

Moondrops ON ICE

Fresh sliced mango and luscious lichi. Now with an added splash of ice.

Millionaires Shortbread

A rich buttery vanilla based shortcrust pastry layered with a devilish salted caramel and drizzled with a chocolate ganache. 


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GBOM Vapes 60ml E-liquid

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