Roll Upz E-Juice 60ml
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Roll Upz E-Juice 60ml

Roll Upz E-Juice 60ml

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

Blue raspberry flavor mixed into a cotton candy to create a true carnival experience. No clowns, roller coasters, large crowds or carnies involved.

Berry Lemonade

A refreshing summer vape that brings the heat of summer to your coils year round. A rich blend of mixed berries that ups the ante on a fantastic lemonade vape juice.

Watermelon Punch

Delivers a crisp watermelon flavor that would go perfectly with a porch and a sunset. The finest in waermelon extracts was used in creating a candy,with sweet undertones that carries the day. creates an amazing flavor explosion that will tickle your taste buds.


ou know the candy treat loved all across America, well Roll-Upz strawberry brings that same flavor profile to the the juice game. If you love fruit roll ups you will absolutely love this candy nectar.


Orange Cherry

Two of the most loved fruit flavors come together to create the base for a delicious candy flavor that just oozes an exceptional vape experience.Orange and Cherry make amazing vape fellows. Whether you vape it or just are within proximity this liquid makes the mouth water.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll-Upz is a delicious blue raspberry juice made of a superior blue raspberry extract. This tastes like a mouthful of blue raspberries with a candied twist. Tastes just like the fruit roll ups you've come to know and love.



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Roll Upz E-Juice 60ml

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