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Ruthless Skirr Skirr On Ice 60ml

Ruthless Skirr Skirr On Ice 60ml

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  • Product Code: Ruthless Skirr Skirr On Ice 60ml
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It's no joke, vaping on Skir Skirrr On Ice WILL make that block twerktwerk. With the block being hot with warm weather just around the corner, Skir Skirrr On Ice will keep you chill to the utmost degree.

The apple hits right, and it perfectly captures the feeling of biting into a crisp apple. What makes this even better is the precise amount of menthol to make this vape juice an easy hitter. The menthol is not overpowering, and it pairs excellently with the freshness of the apple.

For the conspiracy theorists out there, the honeydew melon works silently in the background, pulling all the strings to add depth to the Skir Skirrr On Ice e-liquid. It's as if a hint of honey glues all of the flavors together to form a beautiful marriage of summer goodness.

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