Vgod Salt Nic 25mg
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Vgod Salt Nic 25mg
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Vgod Salt Nic 25mg

Dry Tobacco

This classic tobacco flavor tastes just like the real thing! If you're looking for a replacement for cigarettes, you've found it with this exceptional quality, skilfully made vape juice

Melon Mix

 like a bowl of all your favorite melons cut up, so realistic in flavor that your brain will be tricked into thinking it's the real thing. The perfect sweet, fresh vape juice blend to help you get through your day feeling pure, clean and full of energy!

Tropical Mango

ake a trip to a tropical paradise where the lush greenery and bright blue ocean water are so beautiful that you'll never want to go back home! an ultra realistic mango flavor that is pure, natural and incredibly bold. A great vape juice blend for those of us who like to get away for a little bit

Lush Ice

 a base of juicy, sweet watermelon with undertones of exotic, bold mixed melons and then a splash of cooling menthol for the ultimate realistic cold fruit experience!


 has a base flavor of juicy, sweet watermelon with an undertone of mixed tropical melons. A great refreshing vape juice blend that's the perfect balance of fresh and sweet! 


 A Smooth Cuban Cigar with a drizzle of Creamy Vanilla, providing a Fresh and Rich Cuban Tobacco Flavor! 

Cubano Black

a spectacularly complementary blend of rich, deep tobacco and smooth, creamy vanilla custard that will make this vape go down so easy and pleasant. Inhale tobacco and exhale that yummy sweetness all with a velvety smooth feeling that will have you obsessed with it.

Pink Cakes

made the moist cake base covered in rich buttercream frosting blend for those who want to indulge without guilt and take their snacks on the go!.

Summer Strawberry

his flavor has just the right amount of sweetness with the slightest tart twang that gives it an authenticity and pleasantness that will have you able to vape it for months at a time without ever getting sick or bored of it. 


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Vgod Salt Nic 25mg

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