A quick fix to vape mod errors – “atomizer short, no atomizer, check atomizer”

You can consider atomizers the heart and soul of a vaporizer. When your atomizer is malfunctioning, you can wave goodbye to a pleasant vaping experience. Seeing the warning messages on your device is a huge source of frustration for any vaper. 

What is an atomizer in a vape?

In a vaporizer, the atomizer is a crucial component that is responsible for producing the vapour you inhale. Regardless of the type of device you use, atomizers serve the same function, just in different capacities. A vape atomizer must provide the following:

  • A well that holds your vape juice
  • A heating component to vaporise the vape juice
  • A wick to transport the vape juice from the well to the heating component

Vape kits often come with a vaping device, as well as a compatible atomizer. So if you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry too much about the atomizer you use. Stick to what you know until you are comfortable experimenting.

When is it time to replace my atomizer?


Atomizers are subject to wear and tear, eventually you are going to need to replace it. How often you will have to do it depends on:

  • The device you use
  • How often you vape
  • The wattage you use
  • The quality and material of the coils you use

The best way to extend the lifespan of your atomizer is to use the right one for your device and use a wattage that is suited for the type of coils you use.

Knowing when it’s time to replace your atomizer is a skill that is acquired over time. Some tell-tale signs are:

  1. Tasting of burnt flavour
  2. Leaking
  3. Vape juice residue build-up
  4. Dry hits
  5. Blocked or reduced airflow

What do the warning messages mean?

No atomizer or check atomizer

When the warning message “No atomizer” or “Check atomizer” is displayed on the mod screen, this is your device letting you know that it is having trouble detecting and locating the coil. This can be a result of a connection issue of the 510 connector, or there may be issues with the coils themselves.

Although it might seem strange to suddenly see this warning message, connection issues tend to happen. They can happen after you clean your device, refill your tank, or even from a simple bump against something as you were walking around with the device in your pocket.

Check battery

This error message usually suggests that there is a problem with the battery. If you can remove the battery, do so, and inspect it for any leaks or damage. If the battery is damaged, replace it immediately before you use the device again. If you can’t get rid of the “check battery” warning after replacing it, you may need to replace the device.

Low battery

This is not a cause for concern. This message simply means it’s time to charge your device. Although it is a common warning, it is advised that you never let your battery get to this point. Over time, allowing the battery to get this low, compromises the chemical integrity of the battery. This will result in your battery not lasting as long as it should.

Atomizer Short

This error message suggests that the electrical circuit of the device is not functioning the way it should be. A short circuit warning, along with a “check battery” warning, are serious safety concerns for vapers. Do not disregard these warnings.   

Atomizer high, atomizer low, resistance high or resistance low

If you see this error message, it means that the coil resistance is not within the recommended range for your device. For this message to appear, the resistance would either have to be too high or too low to affect the mod enough to not work properly. To fix this error message, replace the coils or change the wattage settings on the device.

How to fix “Check atomizer” or “No atomizer” on an RDA/RTA or RDTA


These types of devices are common among advanced vapers. To fix the “no atomizer” or “check atomizer” warning, follow the steps below:

  1. Disassemble your device
  2. Have a close look at the coils and make sure that you have installed them properly. The coils should not be touching any other metal parts (except for the post holes)
  3. Ensure the coil is held down just tight enough by the screws
  4. Make sure the coil is in good condition, with no breaks on it
  5. Ensure that there are no wires sticking out of the mod or any loose pieces
  6. Connect the Ohm meter and measure the resistance of the coil to ensure it is within the acceptable range of your device
  7. Reinstall the coil correctly 
  8. Reassemble your device
  9. If the warning still persists, try changing the tank
  10. If with the new tank the warning is gone then, the tank was the problem. You need to replace the tank
  11. If, however, with a new tank the warning message is still displayed, then you know with absolute certainty that the mod is the issue. We recommend you buy a new one

Tips to fix the “no atomizer” or “check atomizer” warning

Here are a few things you can do to try and fix this warning:

1. Clean the contact points

Remove the tank and, using a paper towel, clean the threads and connections of the device. It is not uncommon to find a build-up of dust or vape juice residue in these points. This build up can be easily avoided if you clean your device regularly.

2. Adjust the coil

Disassemble your device and loosen the screws on the coil. When loose, with a damp paper towel, clean the area where the coils sit inside the tank. Once it is clean and dry, put the coil back and assemble your device.

3. Check the 510 pin

For sub-ohm tanks:

Ensure the base of the coil is connected to the tank. Without breaking any wires or pulling anything apart, gently pull out the base of the coils and reassemble the tank. 

For traditional mods and tanks:

Ensure the 510 pin on the tank is connected to the mod. Gently pull on it and reconnect the mod.

4. Use another tank or mod

If you don’t want to concern yourself with disassembling, cleaning and re-assembling, you can simply change the tank. This is a good idea if you have an extra tank and don’t have time to fix the issue.

Before you switch tanks, ensure that your new tank is compatible with the device. If the device works fine after making the switch, you know that the problem was with the tank not the coil. If the warning message is still showing, then the problem is mostly likely with the mod.

5. Try a new coil

The type of coil you use is extremely important. You want to use material that suits your device and vape style. 

For more information on the types of coils and how to make and install your own, click this link.

Product Recommendations

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