Best Cannabis Podcasts

As podcasts become increasingly popular and an alternative to radio, users are spending more time than they have before listening to their favourite shows. Due to their easily accessible platforms, podcasts have brought listeners insights into the cannabis industry. Cannabis podcasts have taken their rightful airspace in this digital era. 

Long gone is misinformation making it to people’s ears, and now listeners are spoilt for choice on which cannabis podcasts to listen to. Having made worldwide news on its strains, medicinal uses and the emerging multi-billion commerce industry; cannabis research, products, and news are worth listening to. We have curated the best cannabis podcasts for your listening pleasure. 

10 Best Cannabis Podcasts

  1. Cannabis Science Podcast

The Cannabis Science Podcast focuses on what science has to say about cannabis. Using scientific data to bring across information about cannabis products, Dr Ricardo Rivera explores the science of growing cannabis to its health benefits. Guests offering expert perspectives give listeners an in-depth analysis of everything they need to know about the science of cannabis.  

Topics Covered in the Cannabis Science Podcast:

  • Environmental engineering for cannabis
  • Cannabis and the immune system
  • Effects of chronic cannabis use
  • Trichomes and terpenoids
  • Hydrocarbon extraction hazards
  • The endocannabinoid system

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  1. Cannabis Health Radio Podcast

Hannah Deacon and Professor Mike Barnes, hosts of the Cannabis Health Radio podcast, are medical experts when it comes to using cannabis for your health. Hear informative stories of people who overcame their medical odds with the use of cannabis. Their guests include medical experts and patients who are advocating the health benefits of using cannabis medicinally.

Topics Covered in the Cannabis Health Radio Podcast:

  • Medical stories
  • Motivational stories
  • Health benefits of cannabis
  • CBD oils
  • Expert opinions

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  1. Cannabis Insider

Cannabis Insider is a bi-weekly podcast featuring Elliot Lane and Javier Hasse. Part of the parent company, Benzinga, this podcast includes guests from the Benzinga staff and friends who talk about weed, CBD and hemp. In this podcast, you can get business related news and inspirational stories from cannabis enthusiasts.

Topics Covered in the Cannabis Insider Podcast:

  • The US Stock market
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cannabis business stories
  • Cannabis news

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  1. CannaInsider Podcast

This long-running podcast has a rich archive of podcasts on all things related to cannabis. With new episodes released weekly, host Matthew Kind engages with medical professionals, influencers and cannabis industry leaders. Putting Hemp, CBD and Cannabis news at the forefront, CannaInsider Podcast are for those looking for insider perspectives from recreations to business.

Topics Covered in the CannaInsider Podcast:

  • Digital marketing for cannabis products
  • Cannabis stocks
  • Legal news
  • Cannabis insights
  • Growing techniques
  • Managing a cannabis business
  • Cannabis black markets
  • Cannabis strains

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  1. Weedsday Wednesday! 

Probably one of the oldest podcasts on this list, Weedsday Wednesday! is a weekly podcast that features all thing’s cannabis. Broadcasting since 2012, Weedsday Wednesday! Have been at the forefront of providing informative and nuanced discussions of cannabis.

Topics covered in Weedsday Wednesday! Podcast: 

  • latest cannabis news
  • Expert opinions on health
  • Reviews of cannabis-related products and growers
  • Cannabis laws  

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  1. From Pot to Popular

From Pot to Popular explores the rise of popularity and acceptance of cannabis in society. Hosted by Rosie Mattio, a cannabis business owner, the podcast explores cannabis culture by taking a deep drive in a particular aspect each episode. From Pot to Popular tackles the financial, technological and cultural advancements that puts the latest cannabis news to the forefront.

  • Hemp farming
  • Cannabis economy
  • Nuances of the cannabis market
  • Investing in cannabis
  • Building customer loyalty with cannabis

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  1. Green Entrepreneur

With the legalisation of marijuana, the cannabis industry is booming and entrepreneurs are ditching their conventional careers in pursuit of a multi-billion rand industry. Green Entrepreneur podcast, hosted by Jonathan Small, highlights the benefits of tapping into the cannabis industry with inspiring success stories to cautionary tales. This weekly podcast is perfect for those looking to capitalise on cannabis. 

Topics covered in Green Entrepreneur Podcast: 

  • Medicinal cannabis
  • CBD market potential
  • Women in the cannabis industry
  • Cannabis and sports
  • Cannabis-infused hospitality

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  1. Marijuana SA Weekly

Dean and Andrew host an informative podcast every week. They bring an acquired knowledge of cannabis to this short-form podcast that makes it perfect for listening on the go or watching the video on their YouTube channel. 

Topics covered in Green Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • Latest cannabis news in South Africa
  • Growing tips
  • Cannabis-related product reviews

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  1. Marijuana Today Podcast

Marijuana Today Podcast is a cannabis business podcast that features business news and politics. Ben Larson and Kris Lotiker host this podcast with new guests featured every week. Along with politics, this podcast introduces a social perspective by looking at topics such as:

Topics covered in Marijuana Today Podcast:

  • Gender Issues and Cannabis
  • Developments in America’s war on drugs
  • Cannabis business news
  • Government and cannabis
  • Cannabis and social equity programs

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  1. The Adam Dunn Show

Adam Dunn has been in the business of cannabis since the early 1990s. As the founder of Hempworks, THSeeds and Hemp Hoodlamb, he also hosts a live bi-weekly podcast, the Adam Dunn Show. This podcast focuses on cannabis and his entrepreneurial adventures, while introducing his listeners to a wide selection of cannabis enthusiasts. 

Topics covered in Marijuana Today Podcast:

  • Cannabis business news
  • Medicinal benefits of cannabis
  • Cannabis law
  • Expert opinions on cannabis

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