Best Vape PodCasts

Podcasts are quickly replacing traditional radio. In this digital age, podcasts have grown in popularity because of its online format, availability for download and one’s ability to listen in at a time of their choosing. 

There are a wide variety of podcasts that cover various topics, including news, product reviews, and latest insights in the lifestyle and hobby of vaping. As vaping enthusiasts tap into the ins and outs of the industry, they are leaning more to the informative, digital format, Vape Pod Casts, to learn more about their favourite pastime. 

10 Best Vape PodCasts

  1. VP Live Talk Radio | Vaping Podcasts

The VP Live Talk Radio, hosted by Kevin, is a vaping podcast that looks into the business of vape. As the owner of Tea Time E-Liquid Co., Kevin narrates stories of his business adventures, new products and latest news in the vape market. This light-hearted podcast is perfect for those interested in knowing the business side of vaping. 

Topics Covered in the VP Live Talk Radio Podcast:

  • Business Stories
  • Stock Market
  • Product reviews
  • Vape News

Listen to the latest VP Live Talk Radio Podcast episodes on SoundCloud and Deezer.

  1. FV Vape Show

The FV Vape Show is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by a pair of friends who enjoy vaping. Listen in on the latest vape starter kit reviews, their favourite, e-liquid, flavours and the latest news in the world of vape. 

Topics Covered in the FV Vape Show Podcast:

  • Vape News
  • Vape starter kit reviews
  • E-Liquid flavour reviews
  • Disposables

Listen to the latest FV Vape Show Podcast episodes on Apple and YouTube.

  1. Smoke & Mirrors Podcast

Listen in on Tob, Triz and Dave as they go through the latest news on movies, TV and entertainment. They review films, share their opinions on news and chat about cinema and TV in a fun format, all while vaping up a storm. Their love for vape comes through in the Smoke & Mirrors Podcast as they speak about their favourite e-liquid flavours, vape starter kits and mods.

Topics Covered in the Smoke & Mirrors Podcast:

  • News
  • Film reviews
  • TV
  • Entertainment
  • Vaping 

Listen to the latest Smoke & Mirrors Podcast episodes on Apple and Audible.

  1. DIY or DIE

DIY or DIE takes a hands-on approach in testing out the best e-liquid recipes, tutorials on how to DIY and tips and tricks to get you the best tasting vape flavours. Learn from top members in the vaping industry as they share their insights when approaching vaping with a Do-It-Yourself mentality.

Topics Covered in the DIY or DIE Podcast:

  • DIY eliquid recipes
  • Vaping tutorials
  • Vaping tips and videos
  • Vaping news

Listen to the latest DIY or Die Podcast episodes on SoundCloud and Spotify.

  1. The Vaping Fix

Chronicling the controversial introduction of a Juul device that was hell-bent on disrupting the tobacco industry. Follow the story of the two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and their journey that became a national crisis in America. Lauren Biel, reporter behind Dr Death, breaks down the story of Juul to listeners in this highly anticipated podcast series on the earliest vape company.

Topics Covered in The Vaping Fix Podcast:

  • Juul
  • Politics
  • Investigative stories

Listen to The Vaping Fix Podcast on Apple and Spotify

  1. Culture Of Clouds

Culture Of Clouds, hosted by Ruby Roo and GrimmGreen, is a lifestyle podcast summed up in three words: Life, Vaping, and Friendship. Collectively vaping for over 15 years, listeners get insights into their involvement in the vape community, tobacco harm reduction, beer and cocktails. 

Topics Covered in the Culture Of Clouds Podcast:

  • Vape news
  • Tobacco harm reduction
  • Beer and Cocktails
  • Friendship
  • Life stories

Listen to the latest Culture Of Clouds Podcast episodes on Apple and Sound Cloud.

  1. The Vaping Lounge Vaped-out Podcast

Host Ewan brings vape enthusiasts the latest vaping news in the Vaping Lounge: Vaped-out Podcast. From exploring the humble beginnings of the introduction of vaping, e-cigarettes, e-liquid flavours and nic salts to dissecting the latest controversies from the vaping world. Providing a unique insight, this short form podcast is perfect to catch the latest happenings while on the go. 

Topics Covered in The Vaping Lounge Vaped-out Podcast:

  • Early beginnings of vaping
  • Vaping news
  • Vape product reviews
  • Future of the vaping industry
  • Vaping business insights

Listen to the latest Vaping Lounge Vaped-out Podcast episodes on Stitcher and Playerfm.

  1. The ‘No.1’ Vape Podcast | Cotton & Kanthal Show

The Cotton and Kanthal show, featured by Vape and Juice TV, is a fun and informative vape podcast that covers the latest in the global industry of vaping, product launch reviews and what they think is good and bad. Learn about what’s the best vape for nic salts, disposable vapes, CBD vapes and e-liquid flavours.

Topics Covered in The “No.1’ Vape Podcast:

  • Product reviews
  • Vaping News

Listen to the latest Cotton & Kanthal Show Podcast episodes on Apple and Podtail.

  1. Vaped By Totally Wicked » Vaping News

Rachel Davies and Tim Isherwood are avid vapers with years of experience in the vaping and e-cigarette industry. As hosts of the Vape By Totally Wicked podcast, Rachel and Tim explore everything related to vaping by taking a look at the latest vaping news, product reviews and the health studies on vaping. These promotional podcasts promise to bring you all things Totally Wicked, from new vaping products to personal experiences in the business of vaping.

Topics Covered in the Vape By Totally Wicked Podcast:

  • Vaping
  • E-cigarettes
  • E-Liquid
  • Vaping news
  • Health studies on vaping 

Listen to the latest Vape By Totally Wicked Podcast episodes on Apple and Deezer.

  1. Wolf Bite

Frank Wolf, host of Wolf Bite podcast, is a Canadian content creator that makes podcasts related to vaping. Frank explores the vape scene in Canada by reviewing the latest vape starter kits, mods and vape juice. Listen in on the latest vape news making waves in Canada while enjoying this long form podcast, perfect for long road trips or while working on a project.  

Topics Covered in the Wolf Bite Podcast:

  • Vape news
  • Vaping product reviews
  • Mental health
  • Content creation
  • Canadian vape scene

Listen to the latest Wolf Bite Podcast episodes on Apple and Sound Cloud.