Does weed smell when you vape it?

One of the biggest aspects tied to cannabis is its distinct smell, and although it may be a pleasant scent to some, there are also those who wish to be more discreet about their cannabis consumption. As smoking cannabis produces clouds of smoke that stick to surfaces, vaping is a great choice to avoid the long-lasting scent as vapour diffuses much faster.

Smoking cannabis is one of the most popular traditional methods of consuming cannabis. However, with the rising popularity of vaping, there are dry herb vaporizers specifically made for users to enjoy cannabis through vaping. As smoking can feel harsh to your throat and leaves a long-lasting smell, vaping cannabis is a great option to avoid these issues.

Concerns around cannabis smell

When it comes to the distinct scent of cannabis, there are many reasons for people to want a less potent option. Vaping cannabis is a great choice if you:

  • Do not want your clothes or fabric to trap the smell
  • Want to use cannabis discreetly in public places
  • Are around people who do not want to smell the scent
  • Need to lose the scent of cannabis quickly
  • Still prefer mouth-to-lung consumption rather than using drops or edibles
  • Want a mess-free and easy method of cannabis consumption
  • Want to feel the effect at a faster rate

Dry herb vapes are easy to use, do not leave any residue such as ash, are easy to clean, and will still give you the high you want. Vaping cannabis is also much smoother on your lungs and throat, ensuring a great experience of cannabis consumption.

Does vaporised weed smell?

When you are vaping weed, there will be a faint smell of cannabis. However, since vaping produces vapour instead of smoke, the scent will dissipate almost instantly. There is no lingering smell when vaping cannabis, and it also does not make clothes smell either.

Even poorly ventilated areas will not hold the scent of vapour for very long. Any smell produced by vaping will be gone in under 10 minutes. Smoking weed can produce a scent that lasts for hours as it sticks to certain objects – especially fabric.

Dry herb vaporizers definitely win the competition of discreteness. In contrast with smoking cannabis, vaping dry herbs can go unnoticed and allows for a more private experience. Dry herbs are also more effective when vaped as opposed to smoking it.


What is the difference between smoke and vapour?

The scent of vapour comes solely from the flavouring particles within your product. These particles are big, making them fall quickly instead of rising and lingering. When dry herb vapes are heated up, it undergoes the vaporisation process to produce vapour.

To produce smoke, the substance must undergo the process of combustion (usually partial combustion). In the case of cannabis combustion, many of the cannabinoids are incinerated, causing a less potent effect and a more potent scent. Cannabinoids are released most effectively at a lower temperature, making dry herb vaporizers a great option for optimal usage of cannabis.

Since vapour consists of liquid particles as opposed to solid particles that make smoke, they do not pose as many risks to the lungs and cardiovascular system as smoke does.

The main differences between smoke and vapour include:

  • Scent – The smell of smoke lingers much longer than the smell of vapour. Smoke also sticks to objects, whereas vapour diffuses too fast to cause a long-lasting scent. Even though vapour clouds might be visible for a longer period, the smell still dissipates quickly.
  • Residue – Smoking in one room can start to stain fabric, furniture, and even walls. Upon combustion, smoking also releases carbon monoxide and will assist the staining effect. Vaping dry herbs allows for vapour to dissipate quickly. Vapour does not stain, but if you vape often, you may notice a layer on shiny surfaces. This can be easily removed with a damp cloth, unlike smoke that lingers.
  • Temperature – Creating vapour means heating liquid up to a much lower temperature. When you exhale, the vapour usually becomes slightly below room temperature, making it dissipate faster. Smoke is at a much higher temperature, and since heat rises, the smoke will linger and have more time to stick to surfaces. The temperature increases even more the smaller your joint becomes.

How to reduce smell when vaping cannabis

Although vapour dissipates much faster than smoke, there are still some things you can do to make the scent linger less or be less potent.

  • Ventilate – Vaping in a ventilated space will ensure that the vapour diffuses faster. You can open some windows, put on a fan, or vape outdoors. If you choose to vape outdoors, the smell can go unnoticed.
  • Use scented products – To counteract any scent that vaping dry herbs may produce, you can use products that are made to produce aromas. Light a candle, spray some room mist, set up a diffuser, or use some essential oils. Scented products will overpower the smell of vapour and leave your space refreshed.
  • Blow vapour out of a window – If you are really concerned about the scent of your vapour, you can always vape by a window. If the wind is blowing, make sure that it is not blowing back into your room – try different windows until you find one that leads your vapour outside for extra discreteness. 
  • Smaller vapes/clouds – Smaller dry herb vapes tend to produce smaller clouds of vapour, which reduces the scent. You can also take smaller puffs to make sure you do not blow out big clouds of vapour which take longer to dissipate.

Vaping dry herbs is much more discreet and eliminates the nuisance of residue like ash, stains, and a lingering scent. Dry herb vapes are a great long-term choice for cannabis users with regard to practical use and getting the most out of your dry herbs. If you are looking for a way to cut out the scent of cannabis use, dry herb vaporizers are a great choice for you.

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