Dotmod Petri Gold Postless RTA 1:1
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Dotmod Petri Gold Postless RTA 1:1

Dotmod Petri Gold Postless RTA 1:1


dotmod Petri Gold  Postless RTA

Designed in San Diego, California

The dotmod Petri Gold Postless RTA carries on the dotmod tradition of combining aesthetically beautiful designs with high performance features by integrating a postless quad terminal build deck. Measuring 22mm in diameter, the entire chassis, including the interior elements, are quadruple gold  to provide a brilliant and durable finish. The Petri RTA is filled by removing the threaded top cap, exposing four wide fill ports to quickly and efficiently fill to the 2 milliliter max. Knurling is integrated at the top and bottom of the tank for additional convenience. The build deck features a builder friendly postless deck that arranges four terminals in a square pattern for natural mounting, with each terminal measuring 2.5mm by 2mm each. Two airholes are positioned across from each other, fed by the dual 10mm by 2mm airslots located around the base of the exterior, and each measure 4mm by 3mm each. The chimney attaches to the base through two notch cutouts to ensure proper placement, while also threading directly into the base to seal the system. Surrounding the drip tip is an heat transfer resistant acrylic drip tip with the inner bore measuring 9mm for optimal total airflow. Combining a unique and versatile build deck with one of the most stunning visual looks in the category,

Product Features:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Threaded Top Fill System
    • 2ml Tank Capacity
    • Pour to Fill
  • Postless Build Deck
    • Four Mounting Terminals
      • 2.5mm by 2mm Each
      • Side Mounted Hex Keys
    • Unified Wicking Ports
      • Dual 6mm by 3mm Slots in Chimney
    • Dual 4mm by 3mm Airholes
    • Chimney Threaded to Base
      • Tightens Down Build Deck
      • Notch Cutouts
  • Full Gold 
    • Four Times Plated
    • Brass Underlying Material
    • Knurling
  • Acrylic Drip Tip Sleeve
    • Minimal Heat Transfer
    • 9mm Bore
  • Knurled Airflow Sleeve
    • 10mm by 2mm Each
  • Gold  510 Connection

Product Includes:
  • One dotmod Petri Postless RTA
  • One Spare Glass Tank Section
  • One Spare Acrylic Drip Tip Sleeve
  • Spare O-Ring and Parts Pack
  • Hex Key

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Dotmod Petri Gold Postless RTA 1:1

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