Vandy Vape Kylin RTA
Brand: Product Code: Dimensions (L x W x H)
Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

about KYLIN RTA main features

KYLIN RTA deck KYLIN RTA airholes
Easy to build

Plenty of air holes in the bottom and side 

directly blow to the coil,excellent flavor;

KYLIN RTA single coil KYLIN RTA dual coil
Available for single coil  Available for dual coil

How to easily take off the glass tube from the Kylin RTA?

taking off the glass tube from the Kylin RTA diagram

KYLIN RTA e-liquid filling

KYLIN RTA parameter

about KYLIN RTA detachable structure
KYLIN RTA detachable structure


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Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

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