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How to Become an Environmentally Friendly Vaper

Just when you thought switching over to vaping is a one-stop fix – you can also become an environmentally friendly vaper!

7 Ways to Become an environmentally friendly vaper

Yes – vaping in itself can also be damaging to the environment, regardless of the decreased impact it has on your health. Here’s how, and what you can do to change that:

  • Use longer-lasting devices
  • Choose refillable tanks
  • Recycle or dispose of responsibly
  • Reduce power usage
  • Choose higher strength e-liquid
  • Buy local
  • Switch up your e-liquid

Let’s get into some more detail

Use longer-lasting devices

Use Long-Lasting Vape Devices to become an Environmentally Friendly Vaper - Vaperite

Our goal here is to reduce actual waste from vaporizers, whether it be entire disposable vapes, coils, or just batteries. These materials are mostly plastic & lithium-ion waste, which do not biodegrade like organic materials and can take tens to over a hundred years to decompose! 

Vaping devices and parts thereof are considered toxic to the environment since they contain heavy metals and traces of nicotine.

If the current growing trend for disposable vapes continues, we can expect hundreds of millions of more batteries to be manufactured, transported, and discarded around the globe each year.

This is not to mention lithium mining – a process that negatively impacts the environment and its ecosystems, and uses nearly 1.9L million of water to extract one ton of lithium. 

We must make a conscious effort to reduce our waste when vaping, especially because there are millions of us and only one planet! 

The lithium-ion battery of a longer-lasting vaporizer can last anywhere from 300 – 500 cycles (charges) but can last much longer, reducing the risk of excessive waste. 

Here are some of Vaperite’s premium long run devices: 

Graduate to refillable tanks

Refillable Vape Tank - Eco-Friendly Vaping - Vaperite -Vape Shop South Africa

Understandably, most vapers have moved away from manual refill tanks simply due to the comfort and ease of use offered by disposables and pod system vapes. However, what wasn’t effectively taken into consideration was the dramatically increased amount of plastic waste. 

Using refillable tanks or a device with replaceable coils will mean less manufacturing of these parts and less waste, and can certainly save you a few bucks. 

At the end of the day, the market will inevitably steer the direction of production – so it is up to each one of us to make the better decision

Refillable tanks at Vaperite:

Recycle or dispose responsibly

The only problem with this idea is the lithium-ion batteries, as in reality most are disposed of as black waste. 

All other packaging; cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal are fully recyclable and naturally should be recycled whenever possible.  

You can drop batteries at a recycling centre near you. Try to work this in en-route instead of making a trip for this purpose alone, saving you the effort and simultaneously reducing emission gas. 

Reduce power usage

You can further become an environmentally friendly vaper by reducing power consumption. 

Turning your vape off when not in use can save you the trouble of not burning out a coil in your pocket, ultimately leaving you to buy more replacement parts. 

In this case, choosing an MTL vape over a DTL vape can save you both e-liquid and replacement coils, although providing less vapor. 

MTL – Mouth to lung

DTL – Direct to lung 

Read our blog article on our newly released MTL saltnics here!

Choose higher-strength e-liquid

Higher-Strength E-liquid - Vaperite - Best Vape Shop in SA

People seem to have a misconception when it comes to nicotine, either:

  • They believe nicotine is responsible for smoking diseases, forgetting that tar is the main culprit, Tar, Combustion, and all the other chemicals included in traditional cigarettes. 
  • They underestimate how much nicotine they need to fulfill their cravings 

A perfect solution – Nic salts and MTL! Vaperite has premium quality nicotine salts in various flavours and strengths. Nic salts come in variations of 18-50mg nicotine, MTL being available from 12mg to 18mg.

Using low-strength e-liquid will inevitably lead to more vaping, more plastic consumption, and more plastic waste from e-liquid containers. Avoid this by using a stronger e-liquid, less often. 

Check out our blog article Vaperite’s new MTL and Saltnic Chilled Icet T Vape Juice Range here.

Buy local

The big incentive here. Not only will you support your local economy, but you’ll also contribute to cutting down on the average 54 million liters of fuel that is burned away on transport each and every day. 

This overuse of fuel is undoubtedly one of the biggest contributions to climate change in the world today. 

There is actually no need to buy international, as local brands supply an almost awe-inspiring level of variety when it comes to vapes and e-liquid flavours alike. 

Visit a Vaperite store near you to browse or buy online

Switch up your E-liquid

E-liquid with higher sugar content will burn out your coil much faster than simple flavors. As a rule of thumb, menthol or tobacco flavours will have a longer lifespan than sweetened flavours and as such will need less frequent replacement. Similarly, e-liquids that use alternative sweeteners as a replacement for sugar will also improve the lifespan of your coils.

If you vape nicotine, you may find it useful to switch to a nicotine salt. Nic salts feel smoother on your throat, offer a much higher nicotine content, and sink into the bloodstream quicker.

Another benefit is that you’ll vape less often, meaning you’ll save on e-liquid and plastic consumption. 

Alternatively, and probably to your surprise – buying bigger bottles of e-liquid will contribute to less plastic being manufactured and recycled each year. E-liquid bottles are by far the most popular vaping products most people use.

Reduce your plastic footprint – buy bigger, and less frequent
  • A 10 ml bottle, on average, lasts around 5 days. 365 days a year / 5 = 73 bottles annually. 
  • A 60 ml bottle, on average, lasts around 14 days. 365 days a year / 14 = 26 bottles. 

Now you might think – larger bottles mean more plastic? Not as you’re about to find out. 

  • An average 10 ml bottle weighs 8.4g. (73 bottles x 8.4g = 613.2g of plastic)
  • An average 60 ml bottle weighs 16.4g (26 bottles x 16.4g = 426g of plastic) 

As you can see, buying bigger volumes of e-liquid less often will result in quite the difference in annual plastic waste. Get a few more people to do this, and we’re actually talking change!


Unfortunately, it can never be a single person’s responsibility to become an environmentally friendly vaper.

We can however make a conscious effort to reduce our waste by making small changes in the way we do things. This will undoubtedly be a great improvement for our environment and the planet as a whole.