How to clean your vape tank and coils – Vape Maintenance Tips

Have you ever been vaping and come across a taste you were not expecting? Either an unexpected mixture consisting of a flavour you haven’t used in weeks or worse the taste of something burning? Well, that was probably because your vape tank and coils were not probably cleaned. 

But don’t worry, it’s not just you! Not effectively cleaning out your device is a common thing within the vape community. From beginners to pros, everyone has and continues to fall victim to some type of vape cleaning mishap. Luckily, we will be discussing some tips and tricks to make sure your vape tank and coils are clean and always provide you with the best vaping experience, even after changing flavours.

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Vape Clean?

Cleaning your vape is simply hygienic, many people carry it in their pockets or put it in a bag, which isn’t the cleanest of places. Remember the first time you vaped? With that newly purchased vape and everything worked the way it should, when the flavour and feel of it all were just right? If you want to capture a moment similar to that again, the answer lies in cleaning your vape tank and coils correctly and doing it regularly.

If you vape often, you should be cleaning your device at least once a week to keep the device at peak performance. Built-up residue in a vape tank is not uncommon, but if left unattended it will eventually start to affect performance. Cleaning your vape is actually very easy and simple. The problem is setting aside time to do it, not so much the difficulty associated with cleaning it.

Most Effective Ways For Cleaning Vape Tanks


here is no better feeling than using a fresh, well-cleaned vape. It is quite common to have flavouring from your last vape juice linger in your device. More so for dominant flavours like menthol; tobacco; coffee; melon or grape. Some people may like the taste of clashing flavours of menthol grape, but there will come a point where these conflicting flavours leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Which makes knowing how to clean your tank very important.

The most important thing when it comes to cleaning your device is to remember where everything goes and how it all fits together. Do not lose any pieces and try to keep it all organized in terms of order of assembly, this will make things a lot easier. The following cleaning methods only include household items:

Standard Rinse

  1. Disassemble the tank and separate each part
  2. Thoroughly rinse each part under warm running water
  3. Pat each part dry using a dishcloth
  4. Allow them to air dry until no water is seen on the parts
  5. Reassemble and use

Some vapers also prefer using dishwashing liquid soap or lemon juice instead of water. If you use soap or lemon juice, make sure that you thoroughly rinse the tank with warm water before using it again.

Propylene Glycol Rinse

  1. Fill a large bowl with propylene glycol
  2. Put your tank inside the bowl with propylene glycol
  3. Leave your tank to soak in there for a couple of hours
  4. Take the tank out and place it upside down on a dishcloth
  5. Let it air dry completely
  6. Reassemble and use

A few other household items like baking soda; vodka; vinegar and ethanol are quite commonly used to clean a tank. Just make sure that you rinse your tank thoroughly and leave it to dry.

Best Methods To Clean Rebuildable Coils


Clean coils are a very important piece of every vape device. They are probably the most delicate and overworked component in a vaporizer. Your vape experience is determined by the quality of your coil. A clean coil not only enhances flavour, but also extends its lifespan, meaning that you can actually end up saving money because you won’t need to replace your coils very often. 

Rebuildable coils should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. To deep clean the coils, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Remove wicks from the coil
  2. Lightly dry burn your coils
  3. Remove the atomizer from the mod
  4. Rinse them with water
  5. Using a toothbrush, brush them gently
  6. Rinse them again under running water
  7. Finally, dry burn them again to remove the last drops of water

If you want to be thorough, you can use some dishwashing soap when brushing the coils, but be sure to rinse them thoroughly using hot water. 

If after cleaning your coils are still clogged or flavor and vapor production are a little off then it is time to replace your atomizer. Although deep cleaning can extend the life of your coils, like anything else, they will succumb to wear and tear. So be aware that at some point, cleaning just won’t do it anymore, and you will have to buy new coils.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing A Vape Tank Or Coil

It is important to choose the right vape tank and coils. A good tank can consistently regulate the flow of vape juice and go as far as conserving the amount of juice consumed. You want to choose a vape tank that isn’t prone to overflowing and allows for airflow adjustments.

Glass Tank vs. Plastic Tank

The biggest disadvantage of a glass tank is that it breaks quite easily. Although they are replaceable and companies are trying to make them more durable, it is still an avoidable hazard. Glass tanks are great because, unlike plastic tanks, you can use vape juice flavours that are highly acidic without compromising the integrity of the glass. It is also a lot easier to completely clean out flavours in a glass tank than in a plastic tank.

The Plastic tanks are a lot more durable and not as expensive as glass tanks, but they do have a few drawbacks. Chief among them is that some vape juice flavours that are very acidic (eg. citruses) don’t interact well with plastic tanks. Dominant flavoured juices are also known to linger in plastic and polycarbonate tanks for a lot longer than in glass tanks.


There are 6 main things to consider when choosing the right coil for you:

  • Size: Smaller coils give you a stronger, more flavourful taste, while larger coils will produce larger clouds.
  • Ohms: You need to consider your device’s output level when choosing a coil. Using a coil that is not compatible with your device will lead to a disappointing vaping experience.
  • Compatibility: There are many styles of vaping devices, each with its unique type of coil. It is important to know that some coils will not be compatible with your device.
  • Brand: Each brand manufactures coils that are designed to enhance its product experience. So although you can mix and match device parts depending on your budget, for optimal experience, it is advised to stick to the same brand.
  • Pricing: We all want quality vaping products, but there’s no need to break the bank to get them. Coils often come in a pack. Do the math, taking into account your average usage to determine if you are getting value for money.
  • Preference: Lastly, you need to pick what you like. The type of coil you choose will determine your overall experience. Whether you want something strong and heavy or you want the big clouds aesthetic, consider your preference when making a decision.

Product Recommendations


Ultimately, you want to choose whatever works best for you. Vaporizers are all built differently, whether you have just started vaping or have been doing it for years, you want a device that works for you and is easy to clean. Listed below are a few products that will take your vaping experience from good to great: 

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