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BLVK Spearmint SaltNic

BLVK Spearmint SaltNic

Product Code: BLVK Spearmint SaltNic
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  • R200.00

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With this Nicotine Salt Spearmint eLiquid, calling for new vaping journeys, vape lovers can find lots of joy and excitement. It is a perfect companion to spend your hot summer days with, especially when your throat is like a fire and needs something icy and fresh to cool your cravings.

Despite its biting and icing nature, you can rely on this, as the minute you breathe in the vapor, the intense menthol blast hits your tongue and works its way around your palate, and then it will have your sweet tooth in a minty coma, during the inhale. Just breath away, the spearmint flavor notes treat your taste buds gently as you start exhalation.

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