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Leaking Vape? Here are helpful tips on how to fix it

Have you ever found yourself Googling “Why is my vape leaking so much?” or “How do I stop my vape from leaking?” Well, you are not alone! A leaking vape is one of the most common and frustrating things that can happen to a vape user. Although it might seem like it, a leak does not necessarily mean that your device is broken and needs to be replaced. It is not very common for people to have to buy a new vape device due to a leak. More often than not, the reasons for a leaking vape are fixable by simply adjusting a few minor things.

Every vape user has struggled and continues to struggle with a leaking device. So if your device ever leaks don’t be quick to panic, the solution might be easier than you ever thought. No matter the type of device you have, we are going to give you some tips and tricks to minimize the amount of time you spend tending to a leaky vape

Why Is My Vape Leaking?

There are many reasons why a leak might occur while using your vape device. The reasons range anywhere from factory faults to not closing your vape tank properly after refilling with vape juice. Normally vape juice flows through the airflow system and is heated by the atomizer to produce vapor. A leak can happen because this process isn’t happening efficiently for some reason. 

A leak can be anything from a few drops of vape juice to all your vape juice spilling out over your vape mod. The great news is that there are ways to prevent your device from leaking. Although we can not guarantee that you will never have a leaking problem again, these tips can help minimize the amount of time you will have to spend tending to a leaky vape again.

Tips To Stop Your Vape Tank From Leaking

  1. Do Not Overfill Your Tank

Overfilling your tank is one of the most common reasons for leaks. Your device needs a small space to allow airflow when the atomizer is heating. This small space also helps prevent your vape juice from spilling out over the top. It is also a good idea that when refilling, you do it slowly to avoid flooding your tank.

  1. Remove Any Excess Vape Juice From The Chimney

Vape tanks work because of the delicate balance of air pressure in the tank as well as a carefully designed central airflow control system. The chimney is a tube that controls airflow and runs from the tank through to the drip tip. It is common for vape juice to end up in the chimney by mistake, this can cause your vape to leak or even produce gurgling sounds. To get vape juice out of the chimney, simply slide a small paper towel down the tube to absorb excess juice before vaping.

  1. Fasten Your Seal

This might sound like it shouldn’t be on the list, simply because of how obvious it is but stranger things have happened. Make sure that you close your tank properly. Oftentimes, especially when in a hurry, you might cross-thread the lid or simply forget to screw the lid on tightly. Vape juice can escape through the smallest of openings, causing a leak that will ruin your day.

  1. Always Keep Your Tank Upright

Vape tanks are not made to be on their sides for extended periods. If you leave your tank on its side for too long, eventually vape juice will start to seep out through the small airflow holes. Always try and keep your vape upright, especially if you are not going to be using it for a long time. 

  1. Replace Your O-rings If They Are Damaged Or Worn Out

Vapes are delicate devices, the biggest problem could be a result of the smallest and cheapest piece. Every time you clean your coils and tank, look at the condition of the o-rings. If damaged or worn out, this tiny piece of rubber can be the reason for a leak. The airflow of the tank can be compromised due to damaged o-rings and the solution is not difficult at all. Thankfully o-rings are quite cheap and most manufacturers throw in an extra set at purchase. So if you still have the box your vape tank came in, you might find that you have an extra set already available. 

  1. Make Sure That Your Tank Doesn’t Have Hairline Cracks

Cracks are a vape tank’s worst enemy. The thinnest crack on the tank can mean that it is no longer airtight. Once the air pressure is compromised this allows vape juice to leak out into vape mod. If a cracked tank is the reason for the leak then you can simply purchase a new one, tanks are often inexpensive and easily replaceable.

  1. Use Premium Vape Juices

The PG/VG (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine) ratio is very important when using certain vape devices with high power capabilities. If your coils use a lot of power, juices that are less than 70% VG stand a chance of leaking. This is because vape juice that is less than 70% VG rushes through the atomizer without burning completely more easily and ultimately leaks out of your device.

  1. Inspect Your Coil Heads

Like many mass-produced products, there are some factory faults. The coils in your device may have some manufacturing flaws that prevent them from burning vape juice correctly, resulting in a leaky tank. Start by making sure that you screw on your coil head tightly, but not too tightly. If the coil head is correctly attached and the leak persists then try replacing the coil head with one from a different batch.

  1. Wick Correctly

If you use rebuildable atomizers and often end up wicking yourself then this is for you. If you don’t use enough cotton then you increase the chance of leaking. The cotton’s sole purpose is to absorb some of the vape juice, not all of it. If the vape juice burns the cotton, then leaking will happen. The objective when wicking is to get the cotton into the juice well without stuffing it in. This is a relatively simple thing to do but it may require trial and error depending on the type of coil you are working with.

  1. Use The Airflow Correctly

When refilling your tank with vape juice, always make sure the airflow holes are fully closed. And when using the device, ensure that the airflow is wide enough to allow for a smooth and gentle vape. Inhaling forcefully will result in you bringing too much vape juice into the atomizer and causing vape juice to leak out. 

Leaks can be mitigated by using your device correctly, with the right-sized o-rings, coil type, and even vape juice. Simple things like sealing your tank properly after cleaning. Or refilling and keeping your device upright when you’re not using it can be the difference between a leak and no leak.

Product Recommendations

Leaks happen in almost all devices, however, manufacturers today are trying to design devices that are 100% leakproof. If you haven’t experienced the frustration of enduring a leak on your device then can you truly say you’ve had the full vaping experience?

Leaks are inevitable, regardless of the type of device you are using. Over the years some leak-resistant tanks and devices have been released to the market. Linked below are some leak-resistant devices, ranging from leak-proof pods to self-cleaning technology.

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