Blaze Glass Bongs & Accessories

With Blaze Glass there’s more fun than the police allow. Especially if you belong to the illustrious circle of smokers who indulge in pleasure in secret circles … a deep breath, a bubbling – a smile around.

And … bong! For such smoke ceremonies, connoisseurs value high-class smoking paraphernalia such as blaze glass water pipes – more precisely: classic bongs or percolator bongs or combinations with or without an ice compartment.

As well as matching accessories such as bowls (heads), diffusers, precoolers (precoolers), adapters, bong clips and ash catchers.

The glass bongs of the Blaze Glass brand are not only beautiful, but also particularly effective.

After all, they know what Stoners attaches great importance to, The ideal flow behavior of our Blaze Glass glass bongs creates particularly clean filtration and optimal temperature control – so that every train tastes and works.

Blaze glass bongs are made of stress-free 3.1 borosilicate glass (comparable to Duran glass) of the highest quality. At least 5 mm wall thickness make bongs robust. They only use extremely precise standard cuts in 14.5 and 18.8 mm.

Quality control Quote: “Blaze glass Bongs & Accessories are made by selected, first-class and specialized glassblowers in Asia. Bongs with glass inclusions and dirty starting points do not belong in the head shop, but in the glass recycling system.

We control the processing in Asia and upon arrival in Germany very strictly. Therefore, we can guarantee the highest quality with our products, which our customers will keep for years.”

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