Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking

E-cigarettes are proven to be a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. As e-cigarettes do not rely on combustion, they do not release the harmful chemicals produced by smoking cigarettes and e-juice also contains way less toxic chemicals than cigarettes do. Switching over to vaping can help long term smokers to satisfy their nicotine cravings in a healthier way while saving money as well. 

How do e-cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes are devices that allow you to inhale nicotine in the form of vapour rather than smoke. When you are using an e-cigarette, it is commonly referred to as vaping. 

These devices work by heating e-liquid that contains nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerine (VG), and flavourings. You can choose which percentage of nicotine you want in your e-liquid, and there are also nicotine-free liquids to choose from.

E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco, and instead they heat liquid at a much lower temperature to produce vapour. This means that they do not produce carbon monoxide or tar, which are two of the most damaging elements related to tobacco smoke.

Are there different types of e-cigarettes?

There is no shortage of different models when it comes to e-cigarettes. You can be sure to find the perfect device for you out of the wide variety of available e-cigarette products.

  • Cigalikes – These devices have a similar look to normal tobacco cigarettes and are a good starting point for those who still want the familiarity of traditional cigarettes. These devices can be disposable or rechargeable
  • Vape pens – Vape pens are shaped like small tubes or pens. They contain tanks for storing e-liquid, rechargeable batteries and replaceable batteries
  • Pod systems – These compact devices are most often shaped like a USB, with some variations in their appearance. They are rechargeable and use e-liquid capsules
  • Mod devices – Mod devices come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they are most often the largest e-cigarette devices. They have refillable tanks, usually come with a dial or button for power variation, and long-lasting rechargeable batteries

How do I choose the right e-cigarette for me?

If you are planning to quit smoking, a rechargeable e-cigarette with a refillable tank may suit you best, as they deliver nicotine more effectively and quickly. Disposable models are better once you have become comfortable vaping less and lower nicotine percentages, and switching from smoking to a rechargeable device provides a better likelihood of staying off traditional cigarettes.

  • Light smokers – aim to get a cigalike, vape pen, or pod system
  • Heavy smokers – aim to get a vape pen, pod system, or mod device

You should also choose the right e-liquid strength to satisfy your needs. The most popular nicotine levels are 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 25 mg, 35 mg, and 50 mg. Cigarettes contain about 8 mg to 12 mg each, so for ex-smokers it is recommended to start between 12 mg to 50 mg and gradually move to lower levels.

Will e-cigarettes help me to quit smoking?

E-cigarettes are one of the most popular and effective methods used to quit smoking normal cigarettes. These devices will still satisfy your nicotine cravings without posing the same health risks as cigarettes. To make sure that you stay on track, you should make sure that you are using the right strength of e-liquid and that you are using the device often enough. Once you are comfortable with e-cigarettes, you can start getting e-liquids with lower nicotine levels or start pacing your frequency of use. 

Some studies have shown that people who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking and have a good support system are twice as likely to succeed in quitting the habit than those who use other nicotine replacements like gum or patches. 

If you do not give up smoking completely when you start using e-cigarettes, you will not get the full benefit of using the product. The idea is to replace the use of cigarettes, not to use both side by side.

How safe are e-cigarettes?

If you buy your device and related products from a reputable and widely-used company/brand, you will ensure getting a safe device and have the best vaping experience.

E-cigarettes are not completely risk-free as most liquids still contain nicotine, but in comparison to cigarettes, they are by far a much safer option. Some potentially harmful chemicals found in normal cigarettes can be found in certain e-liquids, but in much smaller quantities that pose minimal risks.

What about the risk of nicotine?

Nicotine is the addictive component found within cigarettes, but it is relatively harmless, especially when compared to the other substances found in cigarettes and smoke. 

The most harmful part of smoking lies in the chemicals that are contained in tobacco smoke. Upon combustion, these toxic chemicals are released, which you end up inhaling.

Nicotine replacement therapy (methods of consuming nicotine through other means than smoking) is a safe treatment that has been used all over to help people quit smoking.

Are e-cigarettes safe during pregnancy?

There is not much research that has been done regarding the use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy, but since so many harmful chemicals found within normal cigarettes are excluded when vaping, it is much less harmful to the mother and baby than cigarettes.

Products such as nicotine patches and gum are recommended for pregnant women who are smokers. If you find e-cigarettes to be helpful to stop smoking cigarettes, it is much safer for you and your baby than continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes.

Is e-cigarette vapour dangerous to others?

We do not have any evidence that vaping around other people will cause harm to them. It is proven that smoking can affect those around you, and the danger of inhaling second hand smoke is very real. 

As opposed to inhaling vapour, second hand smoke can have the same effect on the people around you as it will have on you. This includes the narrowing of the arteries, which is particularly harmful to those who have heart diseases, coronary artery disease, and pulmonary issues, such as asthma. This risk is not present for those who are exposed to vapour.

When compared to smoking, switching to e-cigarettes is a much safer option that will still satisfy your nicotine cravings. As long as you are using reputable devices and liquids while avoiding fake vaping products, e-cigarettes are drastically safer than smoking normal cigarettes. You can find reputable vaping devices, liquids, and other vape-related products at Vaperite. We encourage safe vaping habits and an enjoyable vaping experience to all users.

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