Vapers’ Tongue: What it is, and How to Solve it?

One of the best parts of vaping is the variety of flavours you can choose from and the great taste they produce. Unlike the harsh taste cigarettes produce, vapers can enjoy whatever flavour they like for a smooth and fun vaping experience.

However, some vapers may start to notice after a while that their favourite flavours no longer taste the same. This has been named “vaper’s tongue”, a phenomenon where users lose the ability to properly taste vape juice, which is often accompanied by feeling that there is something coating your tongue and preventing the taste from reaching your taste buds.

Although vaper’s tongue does not influence the absorption of nicotine or the production of vapour, being unable to taste beloved flavours can be disappointing to many vapers. The fact that this issue can appear at random times may also be confusing to many users. 

However, this condition is not permanent and can be prevented. You can also get rid of the unpleasant feeling of vaper’s tongue through some simple practices.

Vapers tongue: what is it?

Vaper’s tongue is the common name for a condition that reduces the user’s experience of flavour when vaping. It is also known as vaper’s fatigue, as your taste buds become less sensitive and do not absorb the flavour of e-liquids as well as before. 

The most common cause of vaper’s tongue is the continual use of the same e-liquid flavour. This results in a difference in the taste of your juice, or a complete lack of taste.

The common solution for this issue is to switch out your flavours from time to time and not to use the same flavours for extended periods of time.

Why do vapers struggle to get flavours from their devices?

Just because you are experiencing a dull taste from your vaping device does not necessarily mean that you have vaper’s tongue. You might be experiencing issues with your device or e-liquid, which makes your vaping experience less flavourful. The issue could also be:

  • An uncharged vape
  • A blockage in the mouthpiece of your device
  • An old/broken device
  • Weak e-liquid
  • Expired e-liquid

You can first check your device to see if everything looks normal, and then check the expiry date of your e-liquid. If the issue persists, you might have vaper’s tongue. Otherwise, it might be time to get a new device or fresh liquid.

What are the causes of vaper’s tongue?

There are a few factors that could lead to experiencing vaper’s tongue. These may include:

  • Using the same e-liquid – If you vape using the same e-liquid for a while, you might start to realise that the flavour becomes less strong. This is because your taste buds start to become fatigued by the same flavour, which can result in a general loss in taste.
  • Blocked nose – Our brains recognise flavours by sense of smell, which in turn elevates the sensation of taste. When your nose is blocked, flavours can be subdued or barely recognisable. This is especially true for complex flavours.
  • Damaged taste buds – Smoking, regular consumption of spicy or sour foods, alcohol, infections, and some medications could lead to a loss of taste as they can damage your taste buds.
  • Dehydration/dry mouth – If you are dehydrated, you can experience a dulled sense of taste. A lack of saliva can make it difficult for your taste buds to absorb flavours.
  • Medication or illnesses – If you have a cold or the flu, you can lose your sense of taste. Head injuries and deficiencies of certain vitamins could also result in a dulled sense of taste. You should check in with your doctor if you frequently struggle with lost taste. A loss of taste can also come about as a side effect of certain medications, so have a look at the labelled side effects of your medication since your issue is not necessarily vape-related.
  • Out of date e-liquid – E-liquids can expire, which can usually be identified by weak flavour or a darker colour than normal. Vaping expired e-liquid is not a safe practice, although the negative effects will vary on the product and how far past its expiry date it is. This also dulls the flavour and affects the enjoyment of your vaping experience. If you have not vaped for a while and notice that the flavour tastes different when you vape again, it is a good idea to check the expiration date on your e-liquid product.

How to avoid this problem

If you suspect that you might have vaper’s tongue, you can try some of these easy methods to try and ease the problem:

  • Swap your e-liquids – To avoid getting used to one flavour, you can swap your e-liquid flavours out every now and then. If you change your flavour and go back to your usual preference a week later, you will likely be able to taste it normally once again.
  • Use stronger flavours – Menthol and mint flavours are strong and can help to rebalance your taste buds, making other flavours taste normal again. A few puffs of these flavours are usually enough to reset the recognition of other flavours in your taste buds.
  • Drink some water – Staying hydrated can clear your palette and ensure that your taste buds absorb flavours.
  • Inhale natural aromas – Inhaling the scent provided by fresh coffee beans can help to reset your taste buds and make things taste normal again. The same can be said for eating lemons or drinking lemon juice.
  • Use mouthwash – Another way to cleanse your palette is by using mouthwash, which can also prevent any bacterial infections that cause a loss of taste as well.
  • Switch to steeped e-liquids – Steeped e-liquids have more refined flavours, so when you vape, you will experience softer tastes and be less likely to experience vaper’s tongue. You can make steeped e-juice by leaving vape juice to mix over time instead of shaking your mix and e-liquid together immediately.

If the issue persists, you might want to consult a medical professional, since there could be an underlying issue that can be solved through treatment. If you do have vaper’s tongue, the aforementioned methods are likely to provide you with relief and make your e-liquid taste as great as before. To prevent the symptoms of vaper’s tongue, you can swap out your different flavours and avoid the issue of having your taste buds become numb to your favourite flavours.

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