Vaping Side Effects & How To Cure Them

There are a few side effects of vaping that can prove quite unsettling if you’re not aware of what can or is causing them, and how to relieve yourself of them if and when they occur. 

A lot of these side effects are fairly easy to cure but avoiding them all together would be ideal. Some of these conditions can persist and become dangerous if not treated, so we recommend that you not take them lightly. We will discuss the following vaping side effects in this article:

  • Coughing
  • Dry mouth & throat
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Pains


A common side effect of vaping can be a morning or regular cough, especially when using predominantly VG (vegetable glycerine) based e-liquids. Inhalation of oily substances found in certain e-liquids, more so in VG based e-liquids, sparks an inflammatory response in the lungs that manifests as a cough. 

As VG vape juices are naturally sweeter and create thicker clouds, this might be more common among DTL vapers. If you’re someone who experiences this, you might want to cut back on the cloud chasing. 

Vaping high levels of freebase nicotine on a daily basis can also prove harsh on the lungs. Opting for a smoother MTL vape juice might relieve you of such harsh throat sensations. 

A persistent cough, might even boil down to something as simple as either your:

  • Coil
  • E-liquid Strength & Type

If a coil is burnt or is “due for replacement”, then they can often create a harsh, nasty taste of vapour that is all but pleasant to inhale. On top of that, always make sure the resistance of your coil suits the type of e-liquid you use. Never use sub-ohm coils when vaping nic salts, and similarly avoid using high resistance coils when attempting DTL vaping or making thick clouds in general. Simply using your device correctly and in moderation can alleviate a persistent cough.

Dry Mouth & Throat

A dry & irritated mouth and throat is most likely due to high PG (propylene glycol) levels in your e-liquid.

PG is safe for human consumption, but it can dry out the delicate areas in the throat, creating an itching sensation that makes one think they need to cough. 

This is an easy-to-treat vaping side effect and can be treated with any oral hydration product such as mouthwashes, toothpastes, sprays and even overnight gels. If the condition is not so serious, carrying some water on your person will do wonders as well.

Again – some people find that high-strength freebase nicotine solutions can lead to a sore throat or coughing sensation. If that’s true for you, try switching to MTL or salt nicotine instead. Nicotine salts have higher nicotine levels but are much smoother on the throat. 

Shortness of Breath

Vaping-related lipoid pneumonia can be another result of excessive vaping and inhaling oily substances found in e-liquid, also sparking an inflammatory response in the lungs. If you find yourself experiencing this, you need to either stop vaping altogether or reduce the quantity and regularity with which you vape.

Although vaping-related lipoid pneumonia is quite rare, it still isn’t something you should ignore should you feel any symptoms. Your doctor might provide you with prescription anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the inflammation.

In severe cases, oxygen and respiratory therapy can be performed in aid of the condition but, cutting out the source of the oily substances that is exacerbating it in the first place is often enough to relieve symptoms. 

*VG (vegetable glycerine) based e-liquids are more oily than PG-based e-liquids, consider changing up your e-liquid to a less VG dominant e-liquid. 


This is one of the most common side effects of vaping that can be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Nicotine
  • Dehydration
  • Chemicals in e-liquid

In many cases a headache is simply the after-effect of chain-vaping, and when high levels of nicotine enters the picture, it only amplifies the situation. If you experience headaches after vaping, try a lower nicotine strength e-liquid. Drinking plenty of water when you vape can also help ease the headache or prevent it entirely. 

Also, always be mindful when purchasing e-liquids – only buy from trusted sources that sell quality products that are made for your device or are at least compatible with it. If your headache still continues, despite staying hydrated and using the correct products, your best option might be to stop vaping entirely.

Stomach Pains

Another one of the most common side effects of vaping, and one that seems to hit newbies and experienced vapers out of the blue. The reasons behind experiencing stomach discomfort while vaping is not clear. However, popular explanations gathered from forums include a number of plausible reasons. 

Nicotine can be the substance that induces an uneasy stomach. In this case, consuming excessive amounts of nicotine can be your culprit – try switching over from Nic salts to MTL if you’re a pod system user or lower your nicotine content by a few mg’s if you’re a DTL vaper. 

Discontinue vaping the same e-liquid that is causing you stomach discomfort, either replace it or cut down on how often you use it. Many people are allergic to PG (propylene glycol), which can also be the culprit. 

Another interesting theory claims that e-liquid flavour and nicotine signal the brain that food is on the way. Your brain then tells your stomach to produce digestive acids, which then ultimately just lays there with no food to digest, creating those stomach cramps! This is similar to when you’re chewing gum. Your body recognizes the chewing, but no food is ingested, creating the same effect. 

Not vaping on an empty stomach has shown to prevent this scenario for some, even just a biscuit or a glass of milk can help. Doctors have indicated that both nicotine and e-liquid flavour signal the brain to signal the stomach that food is on the way – hence the acid indigestion and even heartburn.


There are some nasty side effects to vaping if used irresponsibly or outside the recommended boundaries of use. Although many of these vaping side effects can be perceived as of little significance, they’re ultimately your body’s way of telling you that it isn’t happy. Always change up your vaping habits as required, instead of ignoring symptoms that can affect you negatively in the long run.