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What is the difference between CBD oil and CBD E-liquid?

Let’s talk about CBD Oil and CBD E-liquid.

With the CBD industry still in its infancy, there is a major issue regarding the lack of knowledge and understanding surrounding CBD terminology. This has resulted in a lot of people buying the wrong product thinking it was something else or worse buying a product that damages their device and affects their health. We are going to try and clear up some misconceptions regarding the difference between CBD oil and CBD E-liquids. 

What Is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil

Manufacturers notoriously use the word “oil” loosely and this causes a lot of confusion, especially among beginners. For example, manufacturers commonly label a product as “CBD vape oil” when what they really mean to say is “CBD Vape juice” or “CBD E-liquid”. 

CBD oil tinctures are typically concentrated products that are designed to either be swallowed or placed under the tongue. This method of delivery is quite common, it is a more casual way of consuming CBD without smoking it. Oil tinctures are a great alternative for people who do not like smoking. Although it will take a bit longer for your body to feel the effects of CBD when you’ve ingested it, the wait will be worth it.

Simply put, CBD oil is not meant to be smoked or inhaled. In fact, some research indicates that smoking CBD oil can cause irreversible damage to your lungs. So we highly advise you not to smoke CBD oil. 

What Is CBD E-liquid?

What is CBD Oil

CBD liquids are commonly categorized as “Vape juice” or “E-liquid”. CBD liquids are specifically designed to be vaporized and inhaled. Although manufacturers commonly refer to e-liquids as “Vape oil”, it does not actually contain any oil in its pure form. This is important because the absence of oil is what makes e-liquids safe to vape. E-liquid typically contains cannabinoids, propylene glycol (PG), or vegetable glycerine (VG) in various concentrations to make the vape juice burn easily. 

Differences Between CBD Oil And CBD E-liquid?

The real difference between CBD oil and CBD E-liquid lies in the ingredients. To be efficiently absorbed and consumed, CBD needs to be dissolved in some type of carrier oil that can support how it is going to be used. Whether you vape or ingest CBD for it to be broken down by the digestive system, the type of carrier oil used is very important. 

CBD oil tinctures are typically thicker than their liquid counterparts and contain food-grade carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil. Food grade carrier oils help the body’s digestive system to better absorb and digest CBD to produce the desired effect. These carrier oils are preferred in CBD oil tinctures because they are highly viscous. They can help CBD be more efficiently absorbed through the highly acidic gut and into the blood without lowering the effects of CBD in the body.

Main functions

Although CBD E-liquids also contain food-grade carrier oils, they are very different from those used in CBD oil tinctures. Manufacturers often add a thinning agent to carrier oils in CBD E-liquids. So that they burn easily when they come into contact with a hot atomizer. This is because E-liquids are designed to go through the lungs to get to the bloodstream. Unlike the stomach, the structure and function of the lungs are not equipped to handle heavy, viscous oils like coconut and olive oil. 

If the product is thick it is not safe to smoke especially using your vape device. These products will damage the mechanisms of your device and more importantly, they will damage the lining of your lungs and reduce lung function. Products that are safe to vape will not contain any pure oils and will have words like “vape juice”, “e-juice” or “E-liquid” on the packaging. Ultimately, the only way to know exactly what you are buying is to read the ingredients label carefully. 

What To Consider When Buying CBD Oil Or CBD E-liquid?

Like everything else in life, careful consideration is necessary. We recommend that you always stick to what you prefer. If you like smoking and the aesthetic that comes with it, then we recommend vaping with CBD E-liquids. There are different flavors and device types to choose from that will make your experience fun and exciting.

However, If you are not a huge fan of smoking then using CBD oil tinctures or edibles is definitely the best option for you. Your overall choices in terms of flavour might be slightly limited but you will still enjoy the experience. Oil tinctures and edibles are great to use in public places, particularly in places where smoking is not allowed. 

Are CBD Oil And CBD E-liquid Used For The Same Purpose? 

Yes, CBD oils and E-liquids are used for the same reason. Which product type works best for you comes down to personal preference. The benefits of both product types are exactly the same because both the oil and the E-liquid contain CBD, which is the active ingredient. The oil or liquid form is just a method of delivery and does not impact the effects CBD has on the body.

Benefits of CBD:

  • Relaxation or calmness
  • Lowers stress and anxiety
  • Improves mood
  • Induces a sense of comfort
  • Relieves pain
  • In high doses induces sleepiness 
  • In low doses increases alertness

What Are Some Of The Best CBD Products In 2022?

Which product is the best comes down to personal preference? The most important thing to remember is that these product types cannot be used interchangeably. If you intend on vaping, use products labeled as CBD vape juices, e-juices, or E-liquids and ensure that they have a water-like consistency. Alternatively, if you want to orally ingest, go for products labeled as edibles or CBD oil tinctures and make sure that these products are either edible or have a thick, syrup-like consistency. 

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