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What is the difference between dabbing and vaping cannabis?

Cannabis users are always looking for ways to switch the game up and make the experience that much better. This need to always level up paved the way for new methods such as dabbing and vaping cannabis. With the growing popularity of both techniques, it’s only natural for a debate on which is better to ensue. In this article, we are going to break down the differences between dabbing and vaping. We want to give you the lay of the land and help you make informed decisions.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing cannabis involves taking a highly concentrated, wax-like THC preparation and exposing it to an extremely hot surface to create vapor that you inhale to elicit a particular experience. Much like using a traditional bong except you are using wax not dry cannabis herbs.

What is vaping?

When you vape cannabis, instead of burning an extract, specifically produced cannabis-infused e-liquids are heated to a specific temperature at which point chemical compounds such as CBD, THC, and other terpenes are released as vapor and the user inhales the vapor to experience the desired effects of cannabis. Unlike a joint, the vapor that comes when vaping is significantly less irritating on the throat and lungs. 

Dabbing vs. Vaping: How do they differ?


Both dabbing and vaping are methods of ingesting cannabinoids through vapor. Each provides an experience that is completely different from smoking. Dabbing and vaping differ in many ways but the most noticeable difference between the two is the type of heat system that each method uses to instigate the release of vapor.


Dabbing devices, otherwise known as Dab rigs, are generally much bigger than vaporizers. Unlike vaporizers that come in various shapes and sizes but are still small enough to fit into your pocket, even the smallest dab rigs need their own little tote bag. In addition, vaporizers are made from many different materials compared to dab rigs which are almost exclusively made from glass. You can drop your vaporizer and not be too concerned about something being broken beyond repair, however, you won’t be so lucky with a dab rig.

Heating System

Dab rigs exclusively make use of a conduction heating style system. This means that the dab wax (which is available in many forms) is in direct contact with an extremely hot surface, in this case, the rig nail, which is heated before placing the wax on top of it. Vaporizers, on the other hand, are available in both conduction and convection style heating systems. This provides the user with more buying options and the pleasure of experimenting with both heating styles.

Substance and potency

Vaporizers use specifically produced cannabis-infused e-liquids which vary in terms of flavor, cannabis concentration, and the presence or absence of nicotine. In contrast, dabbing requires some type of wax-like THC preparation that has an extremely high concentration of the THC compound which is the psychoactive compound of cannabis. Dab wax can be quite flavorful and carries the original aroma of the plant.

Onset of effects

Although vaping characteristically has a quick onset of effects because of how fast cannabinoids are able to enter the bloodstream through the lungs, dabbing has a much faster onset. Both go through the lungs but because dab wax has significantly higher THC concentrations, concentrations as high as 90% THC, it is able to hit you faster and much harder than typical e-liquids. Dab users typically take one puff and wait to see the effects before going in for another one. 

Although it is impossible to overdose on cannabis, if you are new to it all, please exercise caution. Dab hits are said to be so potent that they can make users pass out or have extreme hallucinations. Think of vaping cannabis as drinking beer and dabbing cannabis as only taking shots of vodka all night long, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Which is healthier?

Which one is more healther - Dabbing or Vaping - Vaperite - Cannarite

It is difficult to say which is healthier. From a medical standpoint, the healthier option is not to smoke, dab, or vape. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

If you choose to vape, ensure that the e-liquid you use is safely manufactured. It must also be purchased from a trusted CBD vendor. The last thing you want to do is inhale toxic vape juice chemicals that have been manufactured with harmful thinning agents and carcinogens. 

If you choose to dab, then ensure that your dab wax is of good quality and is purchased from a reputable store. Whether you choose to dab or vape, the safest thing to do is buy from a known and reputable CBD vendor that can provide proof of where their inventory comes from.

Product recommendations

Vaping is a great starting point for beginners. There is a lot less fuss over the type of substance to dab with and the concentration of it. Vape devices are small and discreet enough to travel with and use at any time for any occasion. 

Dabbing, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated, especially for beginners. Dab wax THC concentrations are extremely high. The devices are large and cumbersome, not forgetting that the process requires an open flame to kick things off. To the untrained eye, dab rigs look like an illegal substance contraption that will attract some unwanted attention, especially when used in public.  

So dabbing vs. vaping, which method is better? The truth is there’s no right answer. It all comes down to personal preference. The type of experience you want to have will determine which method you choose and the type of device you want to invest in. 

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve linked below some great devices that we recommend for vaping and dabbing cannabis respectively:

Best vaping devices:

Best dabbing devices: 

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